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April 27, 2020



Hurray, a triumph, wor Jonathan, and I can't wait to hear more about those manhole covers. And I think that bin liner may have been the actual Black Bag of Viz comic fame. Anyway, keep them coming and maybe even with photos, lockdown rules permitting -- they should be blurry and taken in a state of continuous motion!


It's the derelict from the Asshat Lounge my good sir. I quite enjoyed this, made me pine for my youthful forays across the pond and how i used to wander streets and take things in, the towns of Rochester and Strood, the Medway towns i believe, the streets of South London another time, i look forward to the next installment. "that suddenly lethal species- suburban humanity- but still a vegetable short of Monday dinner." Brilliant.


I loved the fact that the discodancer was on Flowery Fields. Maybe he shoud try hanging around Sylvester Avenue next.

Thoroughly enjoyed this. I've been finding my own meanders round north Bristol. It's surprising how difficult it is to get lost, which was my aim, but it's been interesting nonetheless. We look forward to you putting the now clear commuting time to good use!


Abby- that is exactly the black bin bag I had in mind! And photos (even photos of manhole covers) are a definite possibility. As in, I've definitely taken some (risking the askance looks of passersby in doing so)... and I can possibly work out how to get them from my phone onto the computer/web-page. Watch this space..

Kono- first time commenter I think! Great to have you pass by and do hope you will keep doing so. Can't quite enlighten you/ refresh your memory on the Medway towns, given they're in the 'Down South' part of this sceptred isle that I am not so familiar with, at least not unless we are talking about Southern towns represented by professional football teams. Which neither Rochester or Strood (Strood! What a downright ridiculous name for a town!) can stake a claim for, of that much I am sure.

Looby- many time commenter but no less a pleasure! Yes I've been keeping an eye on those meanders of yours- didn't at least one of them take you through a hedge, or some undergrowth, recently? Maybe some inspiration for me there in upcoming instalments (I could always make the excuse that I was practicing some very severe social distancing, if the good folk of Woodsmoor Lane should cast a questioning eye).


Should have known "these strange times" would be an opportunity for some Crinklybee gold, and although I am late to the party it does not disappoint!

I have taken to cycling along a pretty fixed route for 7.5km (each way) eastwards away out of town for my periodic* exercise - whereas my pre-lockdown life almost exclusively saw me cycling to the west, northwest, south, or southeast at an absolute push. This foray into new, suburban and nigh-on ex-urban environs has led to the happy discovery of a level crossing on a single track route where a very funny little one- or two-carriage train bobs between the not-at-all funny-little metropolises of Leipzig and Chemnitz (Karl-Marx-Stadt for the over-30s amongst us). And indeed it was only about to be my second or third time across it when I saw the yellow light come on (something I feel I've hardly ever experienced anywhere actually) and then the red light, alarms and descending gates all sprang into action. Absolutely a gratifying interruption - though I feel that is a minority viewpoint, so I was so heartened to read your narrative taking a like-minded stance towards similar happenings at the level crossing over your way.

There have even been two such sightings of the gates in action, now, and given that the frequency of trains at Leipzig-Mölkau (not to be confused - which is easier said than done - with either Leipzig-Möckern nor Leipzig-Mockau) is once every 1-2 hours and the *"periodic" nature of my rides is far - and if we're honest, getting further - from the once-a-day that would probably be good for me, I consider myself to have been a lucky man indeed to be party to such excitement and diversion.

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