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  • The man who fell asleep; Sadness and ecstasy in unequal measures
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May 29, 2019



Well thank Goodness for Tatties, leeks and onions, is all I can say!
As far as sweetcorn goes, I think 2 out of 5 is somewhat ambitious. At least it would be up here in the REAL North of England. Gardening down there in the south must be a breeze with your tropical climate and abundance of rain. Up here we have slugs the size of frogs and pigeons like eagles so we are familiar with the need for impenetrable defences. This year we are going for a subtle approach with discarded CDs dangling from lines of string (like a washing line) which we are assured will flash blindingly in the eyes of the approaching pigeons sending them scurrying away to some other plot. To deter slugs we are undecided between the lure of lager traps(where they die happy) or copper tapes surrounding each plant which we are assured they will not cross.
Here's hoping and Good Luck down there!


I enjoyed the latest news from Crinkly Allotments. As a fellow allotmenteer, I can guarantee a veg that will give you a 5/5 return.

The humble radish (variety, French Breakfast) is a certainty.


Funny John should mention the radish there. Of all the vegetables t th at have been drained of their taste, miss tomatoes and radish the most. They're very easy to grow and come to fruition very quickly, so I'm tempted to gave a go. Have a good time in Wales and may your produceflourush.


This is a sound approach to reporting on progress of the green thingies! If i were betting, i'm thinking you can up the odds of sweetcorn survival. That stuff grows like weeds around here! It will likely need no additional structural support! Looking forward to the next update!


Thank you Daisyfae. I can tell you the sweetcorn is faring well- even in these northerly conditions. Tiny little pointy things peeping out from within their lavish foldy-leaved protection now- which I take to be the actual corns. Wonders never cease!

Looby/ Allotment John. Radishes, hell yes. I seem to have forgotten to plant the packetful of seeds I've got. But given their famed speediness I've still got time for ample successive sowings (as the proper gardeners would say/do; never got the hang of the 'successive sowing' lark myself; tend to either throw the whole packet in of whatever, or forget about it entirely till the following year).

Isabelle- good luck with those homemade pest deterrents. If I was a betting man, I'd say blind-drunk slugs are a more likely successful outcome han shine-blinded pigeons- but who am I to know? Look forward to finding out!

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