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July 21, 2015



That's an excellent piece Jonathan. Mine have just gone through analogous rituals as they finish secondary school. It's surprising how momentous that transition is. Lovely that you've had the same lollipop lady all the time. Hope Frankie fits in OK at big school but before then enjoys his summer hols.

Sorry this comment is rather late arriving -- not sure my rss reader is updating properly.


Thank you Looby. I'm glad we've got five more years to the next momentous transition as I think we might need them to recover from the emotions of this one. It's a long way to Tipperary, indeed....


Nice blog about a lovely occasion shared. I wish you all well for the future. I'd be up for joining the Levenshulme branch of the Cuban Mens Cigar Club. As it is I'll have to settle for the Guardian-Readers-Subsection-Of-The-Parents-Section. Close but no cigar ☺


You can consider yourself an honorary founding and lifetime member of both, Rich. Great to hear from you.


Well that brings tears to the eye and a lump to the throat. It was a lovely school and I'm sure Frankie will never forget that stage of his life. It is amazing how emotionally charged everything is encouraged to be nowadays. Back in the eighties it was a case of - off you go , here's your hat etc. Parents weren't encouraged into schools and emotions were kept strictly under wraps and outside of the school gates. If the older kids rumoured that on your first day at Big School they shoved your head down the toilet, well you just had to grit your teeth and hope you could somehow slip beneath the radar. Yes, lots of things have changed for the better and nobody needs to worry about keeping a stiff upper lip. Hurrah!

Nexus John

Although I quit smoking some fifteen years ago I would be keen to be a member of the Cuban Mens Cigar Club.



Oh my word, man, talk about a tearjerker! As with so many significant moments in the young chap's life, you've immortalised it brilliantly, and movingly, here. Enjoy the break, though. As you already suspect, methinks you have a whole new emotional rollercoaster just around the corner.


Eamon says another cracking tale from mr Baker. I'm holding back the tears myself. Memories of the lollypop lady's wee lad AND with a photo on my camera just taken of Frank on the beach in Wales, with his pals playing the backdrop to the highest and happiest jump I've ever seen, and Frank in the middle, the proud confident big boy he's turned into.

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