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March 16, 2015



//there is nothing for it but to venture to the allotment and, if today is like any other day that I venture to the allotment, receive several minutes' worth of unsolicited advice on potato husbandry from random, gnarled-handed, ruddy-faced retired railwaymen from County Mayo sporting patterned cardigans from British Home Stores//

Is there any finer way to spend an afternoon?


Oh dear... makes first class actually sound attractive.

I took a party of French children to Chester (yes, not London, I know) once and they were similarly unimpressed by bits of old Roman wall and couldn't wait to dive in McDonalds.

Hope you enjoyed your free day in the tuber fields.


I have asked Oscar and he says he has definitely also heard of that Mary Anning in one of his school lessons. I am very impressed that you have seen her actual dinosaurs. Well done for surviving first class -- I bet you handled it like George Harrison in that Beatles film. Oh, and apparently it is still too cold to plant potatoes and they are better off on the windowsill for one more week!


Iain no there is definitively no finer way to spend an afternoon and it proceeded exactly as predicted, with the addition of unsolicited advice on the keeping of coi carp and the unsuitableness/ murderousness of certain trademark varieties of fishfood (advice I am unlikely to be able to make practical use of since I have no fish and no intention of acquiring any).

Looby I can't speak highly enough of first class but then I am a sucker for small lamps and complementary cups of lukewarm coffee, always have been (it seemed to be too early for the gin and tonics but we shall not look a gift horse in the mouth).

Abby well now we know Mary Anning features on the curriculum in the North East also we can probably confirm she's not even slightly made-up, unless she is the result of a particularly elaborate bi-cousinly plot (actually perhaps that eventuality cannot be ruled out)...

The potatoes meanwhile- you will all be glad to know- remain on the windowsill, the way the Good Lord intended. I'll plant them when Monty Don tells me to, and not a moment before.


Frankie sounds like a brilliant young man, and interested in quite the right sort of things (though the museums were also most excellent, of course, I am sure). Sounds like a great day, anyway. And he picked a great month of the year to have a birthday. Happy (much belated) birthday, Frankie!

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