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February 21, 2014



Poor old 1990s telly. It reminds me of HAL, the computer in Arthur C. Clarke's 2001 A Space Odyssey that kept singing 'Daisy Daisy' as it malfunctioned and eventually died. If that old telly is still in the back garden I would check it every four hours for sounds of song/signs of resentment etc. AS for The Winter Olympics I say if we can't have the comedy of Eddy The Eagle or the artistry of Torville and Dean I'm not interested. I'd rather be stuck on Channel Dave for ever.


Well done for moving house and finding your pots and pans. I have found that it is essential to push through and empty all boxes by the end of the first fortnight otherwise you have boxes for ever. I look forward to further reports!


Abby- well that will be boxes for ever then! I can report though that today I piled some boxes full of old St Etienne singles on top of each other in the spare room, and am claiming that is glorious, if stately, progress.

Izzy/Me mam- You've got me worried there now. It seems quite happy out there for now in the sunshine but I'll cover it with a blanket and maybe bring it a cup of tea later on, a wronged 1990s telly is not something you'd be wanting to face in your back yard.


I last moved house in July 1986. Yes, far too long. Divorce would hardly be stressful at all compared to moving. I have no idea why it takes so long to get internet and phone connections, even when it's the same company and I hope it's not too long before you're connected.


But... whatever made you desert the halcyon Guardian glossy paradise that is Westside? (Or whatever it is called?)


Awww... you finally left Levenshulme in the end? And where is this far south side of which you speak? Alderley Edge or some such upwardly mobile destination? I must, of course, blame myself for having turned my back for a few moments - now look what's happened. Well, the inner suburbs' loss, etc, etc. I think I passed your glamorous (neon-decorated) Westside workplace on my bike last night though, which is what reminded me to come back and see what you've been up to. That it would involve so many boxes, though, I never would have guessed.


MQ- Alderley Edge? Hell no-I don't know how much you think they pay us in that neon-lit office... but we are far from footballer's wives territory here I can assure you (unless we are talking a certain nearby fallen-from-glory Northern Premier League team whose exploits have on occasion featured on these pages).

Looby- it was the promise of regular Northern Premier League football on the doorstep. And Robinsons Best Bitter. Puts £10000 on the asking price but you know what they say, Location Location Location (I think that is what they say).

Z- well we are finally connected now (and Frankie has even worked out how to connect the telly to the internet- a marvel of our times!). But yes, we won't be moving again for another I should say twenty five years.. I hope.

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