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January 30, 2013



I think attending that (very well-described but awful-sounding) staff conference would really have sent you back to your bed for a far longer time than had you taken the much wiser course of chicken soup and sweating it out into a 14 tog.

Get well soon (but ideally, not *that* soon).


You won't believe this but from several accounts I've been given by traumatised colleagues the actual conference was such an embarrassing spectacle that it made my predictions look conservative. I will spare you too many details but if I tell you the motivational speaker's act involved getting everyone to give each other back massages (and we are talking about an audience made up in a large part by working class men with vans, this is a detail perennially lost on the corporate types who arrange the annual jamboree) you will get the impression. Also the managers did some kind of stage act involving shopping trolleys which literally nobody understood (some message to do with brand identity is the best guess)- it was greeted by stunned silence. I almost wish I'd been there even though it would possibly have killed me.

Two other things- just as I was pressing 'publish' on the post the actual old-fashioned post arrived through the letterbox, including my payslip... which seems ominous do you not think? Also when I went back to work the following day boss 'Louise' was very nice and genuinely concerned about my health and said I sounded awful on the phone and was I sure I was OK to come back... so now I get to feel properly guilty about misreading her mind in public... unless of course the 'concern' is just another management ploy to get us all signed up to the work ethic good and proper, ah yes that will be it...


Ah, a brilliant summary of modern work no doubt spurred on by fever. I have been reading too much Jane Austen and in her day you get to lie in bed for at least a month with a cold and to indicate to any one who wants you on the move sooner that it might have a "putrid tendency." I hope you are all better soon!


I'm sorry *I* missed it now!


You are blogging even while ill! I have been feeble and will now redouble my efforts. I have also experienced the Management Line Dance (ours have been known to pretend to be at Hogwarts), but actually the most resonant bit of this post for me was the Poorly Lunch Choice. Hope you are feeling better x


Abby- 'putrid tendencies'. Damn, I should have got that phrase into my 'back to work' form. Maybe next time...

Looby. You're not. No really, you're not. It was by all accounts brutal almost beyond belief and not suitable for beings of our sensitive nature.

Joella- thank you! And good to see you're back on track with the nearly once-a-week thing yourself now...


Whether you used her real name or not will probably determine whether you join the ranks of those 'let go' for their blogging activities at some future date...

At the end of my first year of teaching, I dressed up as an airline steward for the staff show put on to entertain the kids. No, wait, I was dressed as a pilot; it was the ten female colleagues who danced in formation around me that were stewardesses. There's a photo of that somewhere...

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