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    Just three shots of tequila away from a bar fight...
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    One man's story, etc.....
  • Fat Man on a Keyboard
    'At first they came for the smokers but I did not speak out as I did not smoke. Then they came for the binge drinkers but I said nothing as I did not binge. Now they have an obesity strategy...'
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    This blue cat fellow (he writes for the telly you know) issues forth an apparently effortless stream of grade-A funniness that has me overcome in turns by helpless laughter and shameful, powerful envy. There I've said it.
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    The Man Who Very Nearly Fell Asleep
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    Mike, the self-styled 'Fairy Godmother of British Blogging'. He got us all published in a book, you know...
  • Private Secret Diary
    Dispatches from deepest Norfolk. Not that private and not that secret. Just consistently hilarious.
  • The man who fell asleep; Sadness and ecstasy in unequal measures
    The book inspired by this veteran site (A Year in the life of The Man Who Fell Asleep) features the 'sarcastic polar bears of north London' among other oddities that the author manages somehow to render absolutely plausible.
  • Pete Ashton's Internet Presence
    Birmingham's finest. Writing with enviable clarity on every subject under the sun since 2000 (a very long time indeed!). Now with added nice pictures of canals and stuff...
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    'An awkward, clumsy fellow; a lubber; a novice'....a venerated (if refreshingly irreverent) blogging institution. Lancaster's very finest!
  • RichardHerring.com
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November 01, 2012



I *loved* Black Swan Green (unsurprisingly, since I was 13 years old in 1982).

A little more surprising was the fact that I also loved his other stuff: Ghostwritten, number9dream and Cloud Atlas. They're a little less accessible, but well worth the time and effort. Be careful, though - you may well find yourself riding all the way to Altrincham!


What is it about sitting behind the wheel of a bus that turns previously civil people into minor officials of a repressive city state? Of course if you got on with a pram the size of a small car you'd be waved on happily.

George Perec wrote a book without a single e, so perhaps you could do one with only e's and see if it could get picked up by the Northwest Missouri University Press as an overlooked English classic.

Nice to see you back in any case.


Probably a bit late now but I could lend or even give you a spare keyboard with fully functioning vowels (and consonants) and could even drop it off in Levenshulme most weeks.

The book sounds interesting - even though I was only 5 that year. I shall have to look it up.


Iain- I might try those other ones out even if they don't mention the Two Ronnies Christmas Special and Peter Shilton, which I somehow suspect they won't.

Looby - I don't know (about the busdrivers and their totalitarian tendencies I mean). Although to be fair to them they seem to be letting me on now, maybe the fundamentalist wing of the depot had been given the southwest Manchester shift that one week and I am now in the care of a more moderate faction. I'm still poised to write an pointed letter to the authorities at any moment, though.

MQ- thanks for the offer, but it seems to have sorted itself out would you believe. New post today is the proof (although I have taken the precaution of cutting and pasting from word which is the explanation for the strange 'blank verse' type formatting)

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