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  • The man who fell asleep; Sadness and ecstasy in unequal measures
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February 03, 2012



I really, really want to know more about the Portuguese GCSE story.

As for me, I can impersonate any accent apart from the East Midlands one. Despite having lived in Leicester for three years, it always eluded me, mi'duck.

I am very, very bad at driving a car. So I don't any more. To my shame.


Yes, you can't just leave the impersonation story like that. We want more!

I am not very good at pretending to be interested in hearing about other people's astonishingly talented, genius and high achieving children. I need to become better at this soon, if not just to soothe relations with the in-laws.

I am very good at 'cleaning as a procrastination tool' and have actually just noticed that the internet router looks a bit dusty and could do with a wipe...


I share with you:
A1, A3, A4 (though not football), A5 (very employable in uni holidays, I found!), A6 (though I'm in favour of speeding them up so it becomes viable to go even further on them, e.g. Budapest etc). B1, B2 (though I'm better with heat since living in West Africa in 2001), B5. Yay!

I most certainly do not share with you:
B3, B4. Hardly a reason to fall out...

Re: A2, I am more like Frankie. In public areas, often keen to tidy. In my own space, no way.

Re: A3 - definitely this should be shared. Change some names and key details if you need to, in order to protect the innocent (and, what's more, the guilty).

Re: A4, I didn't know the Government had an Empty Strategy. Oh, hang on a minute... yes I did.

On accents etc, I'm good at, but not good enough at, mimicking accents. So rather than fitting in with the people I'm talking to, it sounds like I'm mocking them. On which note, the end of your blog post makes me think you've been hanging around some Belfasters...


You tempter you! I also vote with ISBW for the imitating the black man story at some point.

I also feel awkward with workmen, because I feel that what specks of knowledge I have picked up over the years clearly count for nought in their eyes, and I feel a sense of shame that I can't even assemble IKEA furniture.

My strengths are 1) bullshitting, building a wobbly edifice of apparent ability out of a tiny kernal of actual competence.

2) being able to switch from working- to middle-class modes of behaviour. Some middle class people are very afraid of being around common people, but those are the people now (I realise - I didn't spend one second thinking about class when I was young) were the people amongst whom I grew up.

A strength I wish I had was being able to be a bit more direct with people when necessary. The prospect of broaching the subject of teh heating bill, with Stefan, who is responsible for the vast majority of it, fills me with dread.


Looby I know what you mean about directness (could have done with some this afternoon at a work meeting which consisted of a man rambling at me inconsequentially for an hour and a half- the direct approach would have been to start banging my head against the desk, or fell him with a right hook. And I have been following the Stefan subplot and suspect if you don't confront your wasteful flatmate soon everyone from your comment box will be catching a train to Lancaster's macrame belt and taking matters out of your hands.

MQ I will make a concesssion (when I am transport minister, an official announcement is imminent) that fast trains will be allowed, but only transnational services terminating at Budapest. I consider this to be a statesmanlike gesture, and trust that the appropriate nobel prize committee is taking heed.

Cocktails if you need another procrastination tool (and let's face it, you can never have too many), may I suggest stationery in general, and highliter pens in particular. I will leave this matter in your capable hands.

ISBW if I had a separate list of 'things I think I'm good at but nobody else does', mimicking accents would be number one. I'm still trying to get the hang of the Manchester vowels though despite having spent the best part of 20 years here...


Oh and I meant to say- that Portuguese story... well, maybe one day (I'm not sure already it can live up to the expectation I've built up for it, I've possibly given away most of it already)....


Eeeek, I will avoid any Portuguese references and stick to commenting on the recipes -- I also have made this resolution so it must be zeitgeist. Yesterday I bought in Fenwicks a special food thermometer and a type of jar that looks just like the one in the cookery book picture. My goal is to succeed in making 'leaven' after my slapdash effort ended in a greyish smelly sludge. I look forward to hearing of your recipe-following attempts and hope they will serve as a role model!

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