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February 02, 2011



Dr Seuss under the stairs, Fenwicks carrier bags full of long overdue books! As the mother in question I deny everything, but as a life-long Library addict I will be with you at the barricades. Life without our Public Libraries is unthinkable. For decades they have provided a place of calm and sanity, a refuge from the crazy mixed up world outside. They are not a luxury to be axed by the Tories.They are not a sad collection of paperbacks to be run by well-meaning volunteers in village halls. They are a rich part of our cultural heritage built up over the decades by dedicated, professional people and we would be greatly impoverished without them.I could go on and on and on but you get my drift....
The Mam in Question.


But did they ever let you off the fine? I am on tenterhooks!

Lovely post. Lovely libraries. And I am 100% with your Mam on the sanity thing. I am off to borrow a Western in the morning. I had forgotten all about them!


He he... I remember those racy red and black novels which somehow pulled off the difficult trick of making sex respectable for women library members of certain age.

I feel a similar affection for Morecambe. Its unusual 70s design is mentioned as "an asset to the town" in Pevsner, although "assets to the town" in Morecambe is not a crowded field.


Great Moor library. stockport Central library. Manchester Central Library. In the days of signing on and being skint it was great to have somewhere warm to sit around without having to spend any money. Everyone is equal in the library. Somewhere quiet to study, apply for jobs, read the paper, stare into the middle distance. Up until my mid twenties i was in the library every week and now in my late thirties i'm back again with my children.


Eeee yes, it's hard to know where to begin but I'll pick just one thing. And this is that at the top of our street every other Monday (I can never remember which one it is) for 2 hours precisely, there is an actual mobile library van parked at the top of our street in the less posh part of Gosforth. And I nearly keeled over with pure delight upon seeing it for the first time because I thought the Tories would have gotten rid of such things long ago. It is a thing of great beauty, a bit like a milk float.


I also have a special regard for mobile libraries or as we called them in the suburban wastelands of Long Island New York USA, the bookmobiles. Just a trailer with a couple of dozen books in them and a peculiar smell to add presence, but who knows how many secretly thrilling literary lives they instigated?

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