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July 20, 2010


Forest Pines

Dr Beeching also gets the blame for an awful lot of closures that weren't actually his fault. Beeching was Chairman of BR from 1961 to 1965; "The Reshaping Of Britain's Railways" was published midway through his term. All of BR's closures had to be approved by the government of the day; the responsibility for signing most of them off was down to Barbara Castle.

(there are, to be fair, plenty of problems with Beeching's analyses - for example, for most routes he didn't seem to consider any intermediate efficiency-saving steps instead of closing routes completely)


Speaking of kestrels, I just re-watched Kes last week. Maybe, in another world where the education system didn't let him down, Billy could have avoided the pit by doing the rounds of country fairs with a team of incalcitrant kestrels instead. Now there's an alternative ending!


Did I just post something?


Sounds wonderful. There's something uniquely endearing about this almost willfully crap kind of British Summer Venture. You have to love them. And it wouldn't have been the same if Rocky had just played along, would it? If you're going to have a kestrel, you may as well make it a surly one.


"Fun" days seem to be run by older people who were brought up in a time when children found getting out of the chimney for a few hours so exciting that they'd happily watch paint dry.


Forest Pines- thank you for the clarification, I have to admit my knowledge of Dr Beeching was very much of the back-of-a-packet-of-Bensons variety and your expert contribution has just extended it approximately sevenfold. I don't know, what with you this week and Simon and his correction of my schoolboy 'colour of Ghana's national football shirts' error last time out, you people really keep me on my toes. Which I am thankful for, as the budget here at Crinklybee towers doesn't stretch to the engagement of a Factchecker.

Cocktails I will have to put Kes on my rental list, it's like the career of Dr Beecham in that the only bit I am familiar with is the school playing field scene with the teacher who thinks he's Bobby Charlton.

ISBW and Looby- yes, well it was kind of crappy (the Fun Day) but also kind of... well, fun. Although if you're asking if I'm going to spend every available weekend between now and Christmas watching ill-equipped cockneys and surly kestrels engaging in battles of will through the medium of the field microphone, then- well, I think you know the answer to that one.

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