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June 27, 2010



Lucky Charlotte, a ripped well-paid man in her wardrobe...or maybe he's got a secret side that wouldn't go don to well with his colleagues during collective bath time.

Ghana are interesting - they've got two brothers by different mothers or the same mother and different fathers, or something. And havent they got two Jonathan's with the same surname too? Or I might be confused in a blizzard of misremembered binaries here.

My fallback position is always Portugal since I used to live there and had the passion with Kirsty arisen at a different time I could have three Portuguese daughters.

Plus they're way better than us and you get to follow a team in a tournament for longer than a week.


With my old man living out there the Chappell household is also rooting for Ghana - well those who aren't rooting for Germany (ie. me)
But I'm more concerned as to whether you've put your specs back on since the new passport photo was taken. The Black stars "eyecatching green shirts"are either all White or Red with yellow stripes. Not the standards we've come to expect from crinklybee.

Ben has taken the sensible option and narrowed his teams down to Ghana (family), Germany (family), Brazil (friend), Argentina (Messi), Spain (Torres, Alonso) - oh to be 7 again!


I can't help wanting Japan to pull off a miracle and win. They're currently holding Paraguay to a nil-nil draw, which probably wouldn't have been predicted at the start of the tournament...


Looby it looks like as of an hour or so ago you're going to need a fall-back fall-back position, although there's no shame in going out to the Spaniards, who looked World Class tonight even after they replaced the talismanic but out-of-sorts Torres with some big clumsy outhouse of a bloke who looked and played just like the ex Ipswich Town forward Paul Mariner. They're my tip for the title, although admittedly yesterday it was Brazil and tomorrow it will probably be Holland. I'm quite fair-minded like that.

Simon you will not believe this but while writing that bit about Ghana I was thinking 'I'd better get my facts right here as Simon will arrive in the comment box to show me up if I don't'. Also I now quite clearly remember you playing 5 a side on many occasions in a Ghana replica shirt that was quite clearly not in the slightest bit green (and couldn't have been, since we have played whites against reds every Tuesday night since time immemorial) . I can only apologise profusely for my schoolboy error.

ISBW well they nearly pulled it off didn't they? I've enjoyed watching the Japanese though. Come to think of it I've enjoyed watching pretty much everyone apart from England (who I thought made compulsive viewing, but only in the same way that you can't help peering out of the side window when you catch sight of the gruesome aftermath of a motorway car-crash).


Eee, I am the most excited to hear about Frankie's Panini sticker book -- should we be sending him packets of stickers from the corner shop? I have vague memories of this from when we were little but I think the stickers only cost about 10p then and there was money left over for a sherbet fountain.


Abby they come in orange packets and are available in all good Tyneside streetcorner newsagents if you are passing any, or at least they were 20 years ago (also the important thing is not to mistake them for Tesco's inferior and vulgar 'Match Attax' stickers although I don't imagine for one moment you would make such a schoolboy error).

Meanwhile as of tonight our new favourites the brave Ghana have fallen by the wayside to the tricky Uruguayans, who, when it came to the test of nerves of the penalty shoot out, showed the self-assurance you would expect from a nation who have benefitted from 70 years of socialised Health Care, free at the point of use. I'm tipping them for the final, at leats until Tuesday.

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