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March 15, 2010



Well, I've learnt two things here:

1. Pass the Parcel just isn't the same any more (how are children meant to learn the true miseries of life, not to mention parcels if there is a prize in each layer?)

2. They announce the size of the crowd at the end of the football. Really? REALLY?!


Eeeee, this all sounds very harrowing. And as to these inter-layer prizes, what is the world coming to? I remember when I was a lad, playing a whole game of pass the parcel in which the only and final prize was a little metal Clarks badge of the type that they give you when you buy a pair of shoes. It was grand!


Cocktails, they have always announced the size of the crowd at the end of the game- usually the crowd respond by giving themselves a round of applause for turning up. You might also be surprised (or dismayed) to learn that British football supporters of rival teams are capable of debating at great length- not over who has won the most cups etc, but over who has the most loyal (ie most steadfastly numerous) support. This is a point debated with particular passion by Newcastle fans, possibly because we have never won anything for fifty years so can only claim superiority over anyone else in terms of levels of blind, stupid devotion.

Oh and I am very glad that you have both picked up on the modern-day fannying about with the format of Pass the Parcel. I'm no child psychologist but I will wager that these sense-of-entitlement-raising interlayer lollipops represent a timebombesque threat to the very fabric of mid 21st century civil society. If Gordon Brown has any sense he will make their outright banning the centrepiece of his re-election campaign. Of course it will never happen, New Labour is probably in thrall to a shadowy cabal of confectionary magnates.


In the Lancaster Variant of Pass the Parcel we don't play the Interleaved Prizes Rule. We do follow Manchester, however, in preparing for important ties of any sort with Several European Style Pre-Contest Lagers.

I've just googled for the Bridge Inn. It sounds like it would go in one of these post-ironic anti-tourism guides.


A fellow blind, stupid devotee writes...

Yes, what is with that Pass the Parcel thing? Not in my day etc etc. Just another symptom of Broken Britain/political correctness gone mad.

Sod's law that Frankie's first match would be goalless - but good to know he's already been dressed in Toon colours. Too young yet to appreciate that that's like being given a hair shirt to wear for the rest of your life, but there you go...

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