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November 11, 2009



//Did my mother really quite blithely pack me off on Saturday afternoons to be put to the mercy of the inhabitants of what constituted, to all intents and purposes, giant, crumbling, sloping, criminally overcrowded cages?//

As the father of two pre-teen daughters whom I worry about if they venture out as far as the local shops, this never ceases to amaze me.

Back when ah were a lad, I was a regular on the terraces too. And I wasn't just going down the road to Boundary Park. I went to away games all over the place: Huddersfield, West Ham, Stoke, Crystal Palace, Everton, Leeds, Portsmouth. I wasn't doing it solo - it was always on the official supporters' coaches - but I do remember thinking, as we would get off the coach at Elland Road and be escorted by literally hundreds of police officers down all kinds of dodgy back streets to the ground: "I"m glad my Mum can't see me doing this..."


I remember the same thing almost happening at Grimsby in the early-1990s. Actually, taking trains in Tokyo, I often find myself being reminded of the terraces.

As for Ashley, megalomaniac fits pretty well, but in most cases a simple four letter word does the trick...


Re your experience of Man Utd v Chelsea...I find the higher up the league you go the worse the experience gets.

I watched Nantwich Victoria beat Charlton, 80-odd places above them, in what I insist on calling The FA Cup the other day. I bumped into a Crewe fan who was grudingly complaining that some Crewe fans had gone to watch Nantwich simply out of a sense of shared geographical loyalty. Can't seem many Chelsea fans going along to Fulham on a quiet day.


It certainly doesn't happen nowadays Looby-but it used to be far from unheard of for the committed fan to find himself on the terraces of (say) Man United one week, Man City the next. I can remember myself catching the train to Sunderland to catch the odd game- behaviour which I am sure strikes most Newcastle fans under 25 (or for that matter their Sunderland-supporting contemporaries) as downright deviant.

Those younger supporters, of course, have been brought up watching their footall on Sky- whose coverage refuses to acknowledge any kind of fan other than the fanatic. Which, I think, leads to an attitude held generally that if you're not fully accessorised in officially sanctioned and telegenic replica-wear, and you don't 'hate those scum from down the road' then you don't really count as a fan of your own club, no matter how much they mean to you inside. And I think that's a bit sad, really.

(finally, you're going to have to forgive me for the pedantry but I feel duty bound to remind you that it's Northwich Victoria that you were watching, I'm pretty sure this is the first time they have been mentioned in the comment box so we had better get their name right..)

Iain and Michael- thank you also for your comments and reminiscences. Blundell Park, Boundary Park... now those are proper names for football grounds, unlike the ridiculous moniker our crazed owner is trying to saddle us with...

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