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    Just three shots of tequila away from a bar fight...
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  • The man who fell asleep; Sadness and ecstasy in unequal measures
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October 16, 2009



I think you've found the idea job there Jonathan! And yes, The Joy Of Franking. There's nothng like it in an office is there? When I used to do it, I felt like the special monitor lording his privileges over form 5C. Except that I was in a branch of Yorkshire Bank.


'The Joy of Franking' would have been an ideal title for the post would it not? I am occasionally called upong to do more braintaxing tasks in return for my salary (honest!) but curiously on all 3 occasions Frankie (who I should make clear we did not name after a piece of office equipment) has come to visit me at work I've been engaged in against-the-clock Friday afternoon mailout activity (envelope stuffing , stamplicking,etc). I think he believes I'm some kind of postman.

By the way I hope we are all enjoying these new squiggly boxes that have started appearing by the comments. I've no idea where they've come from but am finding them quite decorative....


You are lucky that you have any mail to frank. We have had so many postal strikes where we are over recent months that no one is posting much at all anymore - why bother, it probably won't get there.

On the up side, I've been doing lots of faxing! Now, that is exciting.


I can't remember the last time I had to post anything. Or fax anything. I kind of miss it. Still have to print stuff though.


Aye, wor Jonathan, you have brilliantly hit on the essence of workplace ennui here and I think Harold McMillan would be proud. For me the staring into the middle distance and the back stairs secret escape route set in after about 2 years in any job. So you have made me feel much better!


If it's long-deceased ex-Conservative Prime Ministers we're looking to impress here then I'd say this post would be more likely to meet the approval of Lord Balfour, who, according to an insightful documentary I just caught on the Queen's BBC, owed his appointment entirely to nepotism and was roundly (perhaps euphemistically, if I read Andrew Marr's raised eyebrows correctly) dismissed as a serious politician by the turn-of-the-century establishment, on account of his 'delicate demeanour' and 'undergraduate taste for blue china'. The accompanying archive footage showed the PM at a desk, where he was ignoring important-looking documents in favour of staring balefully into the middle distance.

Eventually Balfour's paternalistic and classically Victorian laissez-faire outlook (the programme concluded) would lead to his political downfall, when the leading suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst achieved national notoriety by chaining herself to his moustache in front of the King's Horse.

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