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    Just three shots of tequila away from a bar fight...
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  • The man who fell asleep; Sadness and ecstasy in unequal measures
    The book inspired by this veteran site (A Year in the life of The Man Who Fell Asleep) features the 'sarcastic polar bears of north London' among other oddities that the author manages somehow to render absolutely plausible.
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July 01, 2009



A fine example of Comparative Blouse Studies, a neglected area of investigation but one long overdue for analysis.

Our girls' sports day today got cancelled because it was too hot. A bit of a shame for the girls but I was quite pleased that I wasn't sitting outside sneezing my head off for three hours.


You're right about it being your job forever now. I only escaped from 'Bric a Brac' (aka 'White Elephants') to 'Craft' by being PTA Secretary for four years.


Enjoyed this post heaps...


Thank you and welcome, Mr Levenshulme. You'll be pleased to learn the chef's head timer is functioning admirably and is even as we speak abetting the manufacture of a spaghetti bolognese.

Actually this spur-of-the-moment purchase has sparked a minor fixation with kitchen timers and I found myself late one night the other week searching through images of the tick-tocky little fellows on Ebay. It took all of my strength to resist putting in a speculative bid of £2.50 for a particularly handsome Italian item.


Hello Jonathan, have just been enjoying your fine blog over lunch. Thanks for the link and good luck with the kitchen timers.


No bother -welcome aboard. I trust you will find Crinklybee to be a fine accompaniment to your lunchtime cocktails...


Eeee, do you think the organising committee knew about your formative years selling sweaty sandwiches at the Miner's picnic, not to mention our family's bric-a-brac stall in Blyth Market? Perhaps they spotted your potential.


The Miners Picnic of 1981! I had competely forgotten. Mind you my recollection is that the majority of those sweaty sandwiches made the return journey unsold back to Fenham in the selfsame tupperware containers that had transported them so hopefully to the wilds of Ashington in the early hours of a summertime Saturday morning... was there also a failed sideline in 'jumping bean' children's toys, flailing unimpressively across our mam's teatray at 50p a pop? I don't know, maybe I'm imagining the whole thing. The market stall at Blyth, however, I can state with absolute confidence actually took place in real life.. whether we ever sold a single item of bric a brac to the discerning customers of recession-hit Northumberland is another question entirely (I recall a stallfull of Arabic/English pop-up telex directories that proved mysteriously hard to shift to our clientele of newly-redundant-miners' wives, who seemed more interested in the adjoining stall packed high with Charles and Di related ephemera...)

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