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August 21, 2008



Some people just have to learn from experience, don't they? And showering is overrated anyway. Only dirty people need to wash, after all.


"Catholic Work Ethic" - excellent! :-)


Hope you're better soon! I haven't stopped laughing yet at the thought of trying to put a tent up in a gale ten wind! Funny!


Eeeeeee, I admmire your tenacity and I must say that I have always made a rule of cutting camping trips short by one day and checking into a posh hotel with fluffy towels for the last night, even without an impressive back injury. Your outdoorsman efforts are nothing short of heroic!


I was struggling for a title for this post (which is why it ended up with something a little on the cumbersome side) but it seems that we have just found one, albeit several days to late. 'The Outddoorsman'- it has a certain ring to it, don't you think? Almost enough to tempt me away from the fluffy towels and back towards the bendy poles and the seagulls. I said almost.

And Belliveau- welcome to the commebt box, make yourself at home, there's a couple of beers in the fridge., I'd walk across and get one out for you only (not sure if I have mentioned this) but I've got this bad back. By the way you could do with updating that blog of yours... one post every four years makes my recent fortnightly output look positively prolific...


Do I win something for being closest in the tent erection time handicap hurdle sweepstake?

Hope the back clears up, and trust that you had a good time in any event.


Sorry to be pedantic but it's the Protestants who have the work ethic. Catholics have 'The Guilt'. To suffer from both of these is a dangerous combination and can result in bad backs and other annoying injuries. Best not to have any such hang-ups and give in to self-indulgent hedonism from the start.


Oh Lord. Glad I wasn't there.

Good luck with your back old chap.


Useful advice wor mam and spoken like a true convent school rebel. You can be assured we will be clicking the 'self-indulgent hedonism' box next time we book a holiday (by which I mean we won't be sleeping in a field). Paul- yes I can confirm that as winner of our late summer competition you have won first prize: a week's camping holiday in Anglesey. Looby, as runner-up (or to put it another way the only other person who entered) you win second prize- a two weeks camping holiday in Anglesey. Ba-boom...


Hi Jon,
I refer you to EE!our John goes to Scotland Part 2 for a similar tail of camping horror. Just come back from a camping Holiday in the Auvergne region of France where the rain battered us for most of the 2 weeks. Nic managed to brake her arm in week 1 leaving me, a confirmed non driver, to drive the 1000 miles home via Paris and the M25. Having said that camping is strangely addictive and we are already planning for next year. You are welcome to join us if you think the Punto and your back is up to it.


Eeourjohn, your repeated intrepid excursions into the windswept and perilous world of bendy poles show us up as the effete dilettantes that we truly are. As for your kind offer for us to come along with you next time, well the back is getting better but the Fiat Punto... well the Fiat Punto has just started a new life in Todmorden, leaving a car-shaped gap outside of our front gate. This turn of events, you will appreciate, merits a post in itself, which will be with you in the next few days. Watch this space...

(oh and by the way sorry to hear about Nic's arm, hope she gets better soon...)

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