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May 08, 2008



Isn't it strange, writing about someone observing others. When I'm in that position I feel I ought to have a monopoly on observation.


Hi Crinklybee

Glad to see things are still ticking over nicely here. I check in regularly and it is still a great read.

Thanks for linking to Hobo Tread in your sidebar, but could I inform you the site has changed name. It is now Dub Steps and at http://dubsteps.blogspot.com . If you could update your links I would of course be very grateful.

Have a good summer



Glad to hear you're still tuning in Skif. Re your linkage request, no sooner said than done (well OK a just a week or so earlier said than done). What I am trying to say is I have just updated my link to you. Dubsteps, very catchy, I have no idea whatsoever what it might mean, obviously...

And Looby, Skif's request has finally reminded me to update my link to you also... for some time I have been directing readers to loobynet.com, which as I recall was spirited away by a gang of ne'erdowells one day when you weren't looking...

There's still probably about half-a-dozen defunct links in the sidebar, we will get around to those in due course, I imagine...


Intriguing! It reminds me of a bloke who used to stand for hours on end at the junction of Wingrove Road and Nunsmoor Road in Fenham. He was smartly dressed with a beard and spectacles and a very serious look about him as he appeared to make meticulous recordings of traffic data in a small notebook. Nobody seemed to know who he was or why he stood there. It was a mystery and we missed him when he suddenly disappeared.


Ah, the beauty of bus travel!
A friend of mine used to write a football fanzine. Every few weeks he'd get a fat envelope stuffed with Chinese takeaway lids, metro tickets, till receipts and newspaper cuttings. There'd be a single word written on each one. If you spent long enough putting them in order, you'd have a complete - if barely legible - letter. No bus passenger statistics, though.

A superior class of loony in Manchester, obviously.


Eeeee, I've been dying to read about the number 15 Bus Scholar and am only just getting to it. Brilliant. I think there is an avant garde film in the making here!


I came across the Scholar again yesterday. Same bus, same time, same meticulous routine. This time there was no smartly-dressed black woman on hand to question his motives so the journey passed without incident. Our man alighted at Stretford Arndale and remained momentarilly in the bus shelter on the canal bridge before crossing to catch the return 9:34 in direction of Kings Road and points north. Further updates as and when we have them.


I used to see the same bloke on the 86 a few years ago. He used to get on along Upper Chorlton Road. I ended up thinking that it was an ongoing art piece / 'happening' about some kind of freelance bureaucrat making lists - but I suppose the guy could just be a bit ill.
Brightened up journeys on the 86 no end though!

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