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November 04, 2007



Inheritance task?
Is that where you have to run an errand for the Chancellor of the Exchequer before you're allowed to have your own money?


So wise not to go inside. We went to Haddon-where-they-filmed-Jane-Erye -Hall and it's one price fits all. So we went inside to be underwhelmed by lots of roped off dusty things which anyway you have to push past armies of schoolchildren doing projects to get to. BORING.

The tea room was ace though, shiny brightly coloured tablecloths clashed violently with the surroundings and we beat the rush by having our lunch at 11.57. The gift shop was also marvellous, with locally made bath salts with a little sign next to them saying 'these are Lady Edward's favourites'. Lady Edward? What sort of a name is that?


Tea rooms are everything. I think the same rules hold for museums as well, where it is always best to head straight for the gift shop or the cafe. Now, I wish I knew what my inheritance task was.


Whatever happenned to picnics? I always find cafes disappointing. There's never enough butter for the scone and some even charge for each of those silly little squares. The tea is either too weak or it's stewed and rarely do you get that half cup top-up that is so essential to proper afternoon tea. No, pack a picnic, find a spot with a view and enjoy the escape from other people.
By the way, Northumberland is pretty empty at this time of year and it's free to get in.

Nexus John

Wonderful. You hit so many nails on the head, I've lost count including the courteous gentleman in the green shed who must lose track of the odd fiver or two.
Aye, it's the middle class at play alright and brilliantly observed.
I despise the bloody places and feel the better for reading what you thought.

One of your best yet!


Thank you Mr Nexus John. I can advise you that your Inheritance Task is to nip into Fenwick's and buy the Chancellor of the Exchequer a stottie cake and a neat quarter-pound of best pease pudding. Fenwick's though mind, he doesn't want any of what hs private secretary terms 'your second-grade Greggs rubbish'.

Tim- yours is to call into the All-Night Spar for Forty Regal, a box of matches, and a bottle of Thunderbird. If they haven't got the Regal he'll take twenty Embassy Mild if they've got them- the ones with the light blue box.

Others on application (or maybe I will start a brand new sister blog- findoutyourinheritancetaskshere.blogspot.com...)

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