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November 25, 2007


Vicus Scurra

Yes, yes, yes, but you write so much more nicely than Hemingway ever did.
I hate to split hairs, but Penury is not on the banks of the Seine, but on the banks of the River Aire in North Yorkshire.


Hemingway's version of this tale of woe would be: "The car ran out of fuel. In the rain." Yours is better.


I've not consulted with Sarah on this but for me No.3, the lake district is a clear winner. It was great to be in this huge, rambling old house in the middle of nowhere, all waiting for the last of the group to arrive, when out of the pitch black along the track came the yellow flashing lights of the AA van with your car on the back - an entrance not many could have made. It was nearly matched by calling the AA at the end of the weekend and demanding they then tow you all the way back home. Salad days!


But what a lovely AA man though - maybe the adverts are for real?

(Or maybe there is a laminated photo of you in all their vans and they are primed to be on the look out, just in case?)


You threw me there slightly with the transition from F Scott Fitzgerald's alcohol problems to "the call handlers at the AA."

Did they have call handlers at Alcoholics Anonymous back in Fitzgerald's day?


Yes, what a kind man that was to do something for you on his way home. And "eschewed". Love seeing that word.

Dan G

Didn't you both get locked INSIDE your car when you came to our wedding?


Hell Dan, I'd forgotten about that one. Quite right though.. we were already hopelessly late for your nuptuals in rural Merseyside, having spend what seemed like hours circling the backstreets of Huyton in a vain effort to escape the far Liverpudlian suburbs. Eventually we found ourselves in the hotel car park, only for me to perform some inadvertent trickery with the steering wheel and the key fob which apparently convinced the in-car security system that we were a pair of ne-er do wells trying to make off with into the night with a stolen Fiat Punto. I think we were on the point of calling the AA again (the whole situation was too embarrassing to consider calling anyone inside the hotel for assistance, especially since most of you were fully aware of our history of similar mishaps)when the lock suddenly and equally inexplicably released itself and we were cast outside into the cold night air. By, that first pint tasted like Heaven...

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