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August 04, 2007



I used to cycle that sort of distance every day in London. I really enjoyed it, despite all the dangers.

The problem is this wave of perspiration which washes over you immediately you step into the hot office. Then you acquire a reputation as a bit sweaty, which certainly doesn't help with that lovely new Croatian girl on reception.


M25? Gosh, that is a long way away, Mr Bee.

Back in the day, when I used to cycle to Levenshulme station and catch the 07.33 (or watch the 07.33 pull away before my eyes and wait for the 07.52) before cycling the remaining half mile to work, one of my colleagues was puzzled.

On one of my last days there she revealed the source of her puzzlement.

"Oh, you catch the train most of the way here, do you? Because I knew you lived about 10 miles away and I know you don't take a shower in the morning when you get here. But the strange thing always was that you don't smell. I couldn't work out how you were cycling all that way each day and not getting sweaty."

I didn't mind her confusion but the thought of her sniffing me surreptitiously to check my odour levels throughout the year was amusing. In fact I only cycled the whole distance once (on the way home only), and did indeed get a bit whiffy, although I must confess there are no witnesses to that fact.


I'm not one for product placement but there's something called Pit Rock which is a completely natural product which is like a stick deodorant. It doesn't block up your pores like normal deodorants but just kills the bacteria which make you smell. It's brilliant and really works.


Pit rock? That's a new one to me Looby, but if it is any good at repelling the embankment-dwelling greenflies who ambush unsuspecting commuters like swarms of tiny bloodthirsty Dick Turpins then I might be persuaded to give it a go...

And MQ did I say M25, hell that would be a ridiculous distance to commute, I'd be needing a helicopter... I of course mean Manchester's very own circular high-speed thoroughfare the M60. Or at least I might do unless the whole motorway thing is a red herring designed to put stalkers off the trail of my new 9-5 destination...

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