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  • The man who fell asleep; Sadness and ecstasy in unequal measures
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July 22, 2007



Fantastic suff as ever. I too have hada troubled relationship with a variety of library services, and indeed still have a book which I borrowed in 1990 from A Grand Scottish Library That Shall Remain Nameless Because I Am Bizarrely Afraid Of Being Arrested And Shamed.

I love the fact that British people feel such guilt over what is a relatively minor infraction - maybe we are a more socialist species than we thought and can't bear the thought that we are denying someone the chance to read the large-print version of Murray Walker's autobiography.


Last week, I devoted an entire day to returning an interlibrary loan DVD on time (well, almost) to my college library, and ended up feeling completely exhausted, both morally and physically. I now realise I was foolishly trying to resist a genetic trait. Thanks for clearing this up, wor Jonathan!

An anonymous relation

Ohmygod, the truth is out. We are a family with fatal schizophrenic tendencies where libraries are concerned. We love them but hate to return their property. We go there for peace and to escape the crazy, mad world. We seek out new libraries in strange towns because we know they will be welcoming and free. We go there to while away a couple of hours, even when we're skint. But we don't love them enough to play the game and return our borrowings so that other worthy people might benefit.
And what about that dreadful mother with the Catholic guilt and the Billy Liar's calendars mentality; I'm sure she is a figment of your imagination. No convent educated girl would behave in such a dishonest way. All that brainwashing would be in vain. No, the genetic tendency to which you refer must surely come from the father's side and that poor woman is totally innocent. I won't have a word said against her.

Mr Nosy

That anonymous relation sounds a bit fishy to me. I am contacting the local constabulary!

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