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  • Freckles and Doubt
    Considering her mastery of narrative structure etc. (insert narrative structure here.....)
  • Trailer Park Refugee | just three shots of tequila away from a bar fight….
    Just three shots of tequila away from a bar fight...
  • Exile on Pain Street | Straddling the Hudson River. One foot in NYC, the other in suburban New Jersey.
    One man's story, etc.....
  • Fat Man on a Keyboard
    'At first they came for the smokers but I did not speak out as I did not smoke. Then they came for the binge drinkers but I said nothing as I did not binge. Now they have an obesity strategy...'
  • New York Bike Blog
  • Belgian Waffle
    Prolific? Bien sur. Waffle? Not a bit of it. The best thing to come out of Belgium since Leffe Blonde, and that is saying something.
  • Non-working monkey
    'Why taking work seriously turns you into a cock', among other lifesavingly important career advice.
  • Razorblade of life
    'Not so much cutting-edge as half-cut and still sliding'...
  • blue cat
    This blue cat fellow (he writes for the telly you know) issues forth an apparently effortless stream of grade-A funniness that has me overcome in turns by helpless laughter and shameful, powerful envy. There I've said it.
  • Joella
    Joella in Oxfordshire. Working for The Man while training to be a plumber (I think!). Loves gherkins, hates aubergines... and Fascists.
  • Bushra
    Bushra's blog/ homepage/ call it what you want
  • Dubsteps (formerly Hobo Tread)
    Thoughts of Skif, a Havant and Waterlooville fan exiled in Liverpool- possibly the most engaging non-league football writing to be found on the web- and with a little bit of politics, and plenty more beside!
  • Tired Dad
    The Man Who Very Nearly Fell Asleep
  • troubled diva.
    Mike, the self-styled 'Fairy Godmother of British Blogging'. He got us all published in a book, you know...
  • Private Secret Diary
    Dispatches from deepest Norfolk. Not that private and not that secret. Just consistently hilarious.
  • The man who fell asleep; Sadness and ecstasy in unequal measures
    The book inspired by this veteran site (A Year in the life of The Man Who Fell Asleep) features the 'sarcastic polar bears of north London' among other oddities that the author manages somehow to render absolutely plausible.
  • Pete Ashton's Internet Presence
    Birmingham's finest. Writing with enviable clarity on every subject under the sun since 2000 (a very long time indeed!). Now with added nice pictures of canals and stuff...
  • Looby
    'An awkward, clumsy fellow; a lubber; a novice'....a venerated (if refreshingly irreverent) blogging institution. Lancaster's very finest!
  • RichardHerring.com
    The comedian Richard Herring's kind of online diary thing. Always worth a visit.

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July 02, 2007



The heebiejeebies are entirely natural -- healthy even -- and will pass. Honest. If you get stuck, just sing "what the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here" to yourself a few times and you'll feel better. And before you know it the Not For Profit Organisation Y jargon will be coming out of your mouth like you wrote it yourself. Shortly after that, you *will* write it yourself. Don't worry until you get to that point. By my reckoning, that takes at least six months...


News has reached leafy Surrey that you even missed 5-a-side last week due to work commitments. Most troubling.


Glad to hear you're starting to find your feet - even if you're feeling as though they've been in your mouth most of your first couple of weeks!

I know what you're going through - why does every computer program / system have to have a different password?! I've locked myself out a couple of times and had to ring IT pleadingly. Even the bloody phone's got an ID code you need to remember...


I've got two passwords at work before you can open anything. I have to write them down and keep the bit of paper in my jacket pocket, which is Against The Rules.

I have every confidence in your being able to acquire a convincing aura in the world of housing just as you did in the world of flanges.

'Tis nerve-wracking though, I know. I started at the bank 6 weeks ago and I still feel at least two blushingly incompetent moments a day.

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