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April 26, 2007



I like it! And I'm off out to get myself a top hat straight away. Or I would, but for the fact that I'm probably more at the flat cap end of the class spectrum, so whatever headgear I choose I'd spend more time doffing it and tugging the forelock than actually wearing the darn thing.

Joking apart though, the British people have started wearing hats again in recent years, inspired by that very same US of A what you have just visited. Think about it - seen any baseball caps lately? Maybe you're right: a return to trilbies would improve Britain. At least you can't wear 'em back to front!


I wear hats! I had a trilby of my very own circa 1986 (inspired by Madonna, I think) but it was always a bit small. However I have been known to go out and about in various bobble hats, a cowboy hat, and a floppy straw hat. People laugh, but let them. You're making the world a happier place. And I've never had my head kicked in yet, maybe it's like hitting someone with glasses?

Nexus John

Brilliant. I've thought of a slogan for the campaign already.
'If you wan't to get ahead get a hat!'


Ah Nexus John but you see that's where we went wrong in the first place- by trying to get ahead of each other by lavish displays of plumage. Come the revolution all citizens will be viewed equally, whether attired in flat caps or in those fantastic knickerbockergloryesque creations you used to see the Queen Mother in at Ascot... and as a result forelock tugging, doffing, and other servile behaviour will be consignned to the hatbox of history and our man Chris up there will be able to hold his head high in public once again, Gawd bless him...

And Joella- hat's off to you (and, indeed, hats on) for leading the way with your undersized pop-diva inspired headwear of yesteryear... I think I may have seen that floppy straw hat thanks to that clever feature you have where every time you visit your site a new picture of you appears top right... I have often wished I could work out how to do something similar on Crinklybee, if only to give everyone something to look at during any more unforeseen three-week dissappearing acts on my part...


The hat sounds great, but I think we need a picture.


No sooner said Looby, no sooner said...


Great! It really suits you. You look like a record producer with part-time interests in horse racing.


As a man with a rapidly disappearing hairline I would strongly suggest you hang up that hat for now. You've still got a good mop on you (well suited to your love of Jangly 80's indie-pop music). Don't hide it away, let it live and fly while you still can.

PS- tell us more about your clandesite trip to the local cornflake factory.


Is that baby Oscar being introduced to Elvis Costello in the bottom photo??


You look like a dick.


Following up on that charming comment from StylePolice, I just wanted to give you the quote that might have been swirling in the back of your head somewhere when you bought your magnificent trilby. It's from Bob Reid, a Railway man from back in the day, and his hopes for resurrecting the railways and getting rid of silly old cars:

"My mind goes to another picture, a mural that adorns the wall of the foyer of the Shell cinema at Waterloo. This mural is all about Londoners and the war. Buses, planes, and people scurrying everywhere. What strikes you when you look carefully is that all of the many people that make up the mural are wearing hats. Draw that mural today and you would be lucky to find ten hats. Fashions change and times change. In symbolic terms, the problem of the railways is to put the hats back on their public. Not to take them back in time but to rekindle the idea that rail travel is the natural and most congenial choice for many of their journeys."

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