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March 04, 2007



We should really have a National Aesthete Day when we all behave like Wilde and Loti. The thrill would be lost, though, if you work in an office which required a risk assessment in advance.

As for the Arsenal keyring - not so much lost in a house in Manchester, as hidden in shame.

Highly enjoyable, thank you.

p.s. Is it the Richard Ellman book on Wilde?


The very same Johnny, the very same. Highly recommended if you have not already read it...

And I like the idea of a National Aesthetes Day. Perhaps it could be combined with our other idea of a National Walk-To-Work Day (see post of Jan 19th..)- and we could all perambulate languidly to our places of employment resplendent in fine silken gowns, greatcoats shaped like violas, and sporting raffish pencil-thin moustaches about our lips. Obviously we could not be expected to attend to anything so prosaic as our day-to-day jobs once attired in such vestments, so the day could be pleasantly spent smoking fine cigars and engaging in scholarly wordplay, preferably in Latin.


Great plan, wor Jonathan. I seem to remember that the aesthete's diet also includes contracting a bad case of syphillis at an unfortunately early age, and henceforth taking mercury for it, which turns your teeth a becoming shade of green before the incipient madness sets in. Sign me up!




Indeed, there has been uproar. Friends of Levenshulme even held a demo to protest its closure! Granted, they waited until several weeks after it was closed, but the thought was there...


Thank you and welcome Linda from Levenshulme. Yes, I think I am still in denial over the sad loss of our Bobby Dazzlers, the one-stop M19 emporium stocking everything from fold-up garden chairs to Ajax scouring powder to giant gaudy china dogs. I liked the way if they couldn't find what you wanted on the teetering shelving they would get a stepladder out, remove one of the ceiling tiles to reveal a secret trap-door, and climb into the roof.. where an even more extensive array of budget fancy goods were squirreled away in labrythine bunkers stretching, some said, as far as Longsight to the North and Hazel Grove to the South. Rumour had it that the reclusive empresario Mr Robert Dazzler himself lived somewhere up there, in an opulently-appointed suite adorned with Europe's finest collection of giant gaudy china dogs and Manchester City alarm clocks. Not really.

As Clare says the closure of Bobby's- and also our local supermarket in the face of the nearby opening of a giant Tescos- has led to great consternation among the great and good of Levenshulme.. I was at a very rowdy public meeting/ slanging match last night where a representative from the council was given a thorough grilling on the contentious subject of the decline of our High Street. No concrete answers were forthcoming on exactly what we can expect next...

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