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February 23, 2007



//When you get to your destination, you will find Newcastle Exhibition at one pound sixty-five a pint//

It's sorely tempting, if only for that...


That sounds a fab night! I loved the bit about being collared by the disgruntled ex-military man.

I was going to allow myself a little snigger at the OAP clothing style you describe so accurately there, but then I suppose polka dot shirts on boys might seem a bit odd when you're 95 and seen action.


A fantastic and miraculously lucid account, wor Jonathan! However, I am not too sure what wor mam will think of being portrayed as a church-going suburban lady type. We were in it purely for the jumble sales, right? I'd hate for you to damage your indiepop credentials irreparably.


A timely and quite correct intervention there, Abby-and one which our family's future biographers will do well to take particular note of. Our occasional bus- and Metro-powered forays into the leafier enclaves of Newcastle were indeed largely inspired by a commendably social democratic and really, let's face it quite nosy desire to rummage through boxes full of the middle classes' cast-offs to see what bargains could be had for less than the price of ten Embassy Regal. I remember one particulary fruitful Sunday night journey to Jesmond which saw us returning triumphantly home on the last number 12 bus with a nearly-new hockey stick, a 1950s vintage tennis racket and a bright yellow cast-iron yo-yo, in variable stages of working order but a veritable snip at 75p the lot.

The whole scene was indiepop to the core- as if to prove it, twenty years later Clearlake, Brighton's premier jangly wordsmiths, would pen 'Jumblesailing', their fond tribute to 1980s suburban bargain-hunting, which features the line 'it doesn't matter cos it's only ten p'. I bet their mams' kitchen drawers are still all full of yoyos that don't really work.

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