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December 01, 2006



You don't need sleep.

It's a lie THEY tell you to keep control.


oh dear, this indeed sounds like a slippery slope. Perhaps your attempts to cut down on offfice vending machine tea during the day are backfiring horribly. I seem to remember that this was how Kafka went mad (not the vending machine part but working in the insurance company all day and then writing all night). You'll probably develop a bad case of consumption soon, which will be very literary!


Well OE and Abby, you will be respectively pleased to know that I have somehow got through the day without resort to either of my usual work-day cures for a sleepless night- the long lunch-hour spent fast asleep on the bed in the sickroom, and the fourteen styrofoam cups of 'number 53' vending machine tea. Instead I have battled my way through the day fortified only by vast reserves of willpower... oh and a lunchtime routemarch to the local arthouse cinema bar for an extra-large cup of their bohemianly-priced cappucino.

Just fourteen minutes to go now, and I can fall fast asleep on the train home and wake up in Crewe. Which is perhaps not quite such a literary mishap as a dose of consumption, but just as likely to put the dampeners on your weekend...


I quite like Mark Lawrenson actually. But if I had to choose, I'd rather have Jimmy Armfield round for a cup of tea.

And that James Milner cross against Celta Vigo last week was well worth staying awake for.


//Twenty minutes later you're sitting in front of the evening news with a full English breakfast, and entertaining serious thoughts of moving straight onto a light ploughman's lunch over the late-night Dutch Premier League highlights//

Great post!

I have met exactly one football manager in my thirty seven years in this earth, and that manager was Joe Royle. I didn't go for a pint with him, but I did spend a good half-hour interviewing him for our school newspaper, without having the slightest inclination to bash his head against a large, solid object.

A very nice man, and approachable enough to be even setting up his own appointments, even in the heady days of Oldham Athletic's League and Cup success. I picked up the phone one day during the school holidays, expecting to be offered some revolutionary double glazing or life insurance, only to hear the familiar Scouse tones saying "Hello - could I speak to Iain, please? This is Joe Royle, callng about the interview you requested..." 'Flabbergasted' does not even come close to describing the feeling.

My career as a school newspaper journalist lasted about a term, but that particular memory still lingers on. Joe Royle: All-Round Good Guy.


If I was having Jimmy Armfield round for tea I'd definitely make it in a pot, I think he'd appreciate the touch, what with his old-school tendencies such as getting excited about Blackpool's results and referring to Claude Makalele as a 'half-back'. He does talk a lot of sense though, I think... and shows an absolute intolerance for any lapse into levity from his co-commentator (no coincidence, I think, that you never hear him paired with Lawrenson..)

And your Joe Royle story confirms my impressions, Iain... I remember even when he went to Man City he retained that 'bloke down the pub' approachability... the Guardian once ran a feature revealing how his 'open door' policy extended to receiving impromptu visits at the training ground (which, chaotically, doubled as the Moss Side community sports centre) from Waltermittyesque fans offering their services as players. Mind you looking at some of City's results towards the end I think he might have given one or two of them a game...


You'd use leaves, not bags, as well I think.

...is it just me, or has something funny been going on round here?


Great post J, very entertaining, although if you do discuss Newcastle's defensive strategy with Frankie you'll have to be careful of these over-zealous social workers.

That falling asleep early evening is a syndrome I well recognise from my shiftwork days. There's really nothing much you can do about it until the pattern of your life changes really. And it's amazing how I used to go to the computer at midnight "to check my e-amil" then found I'd written a small novella by 2.45am.

Good luck!

Btw - how great it is to see those lovely words "Eintracht Frankfurt" in the media again. When I was growing up it seemed impossibly exotic and awe-inspriring that English teams were going to play them.

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