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November 10, 2006



Wow. Wasn't there that long ago myself, and I don't remember any sign of a bridge at all. They build things fast, don't they. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date with the latest Manc news. It's almost like being there, only (usually) less rainy.

On which note, what about that new skyscraper you blogged about a while ago? I don't remember seeing that either when I was back in the summer. Not that I was really looking for it, but you might expect it to sort of jump out and hit you in the face (in a manner not unlike the trams at the end of Archie...)


Oh the skyscraper is still there MQ... in fact if I am not mistaken it made a recent fleeting appearance on these pages (see the The Third Rule Of Cheap Week in the post before this one). Keep with the programme, man!

I can quite see how you could fail to notice the skyscraper though... The Hilton Tower, as I believe it is called, was being built right next to my work for about two years and I never noticed until it had been completed for a month... I think the thing is just so unfeasibly large that the average brain can't cope with the sheer enormity and is liable to blank it out. In order to properly satisfy yourself of the skyscraper's existence what you really need to do is retreat to some distant suburban location (such as the platform of Levenshulme station) and then try to catch sight of it out of the corner of your eye...


Is the Hilton tower that incredibly thin tower (or looks like it from the train from Lancaster anyway)? It is staggeringly tall, and makes me have involuntary unpleasant thoughts about...going down but not in a lift.

I'm gladyoung people still give you leaflets about things in the street. I've giveup trying to get exciting new offers about cheap calls to Kenya and Poland after a few incidents rather like your one with your new pal in the Polish shop where I've put out my hand tentatively and been ignored, which has kleft me with a day-long sense of personal failure that in the eyes of the young I don't even deserve a discount off calls to Slovakia.


oh, is that Beetham Tower?

With the swimming pool with the glass bottom & that???

I feel slightly queasy just imagining it.


You're right Beth. I've just found the brilliantly-named Skyscraper News :)


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