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October 08, 2006


Pete Ashton

This is hilarious stuff - please keep it up!


Ha. Yes. Very funny hitting of nerves and nails on heads.


Oh dear. Taking a step back is virtually impossible in this situation I'm afraid. You're going to have to do something so abhorrent that HE is the one who decides to put your too-quickly budding relationship on hold ... no idea what to suggest though...if ONLY you had access to a host of imaginitive and possibly slightly deviant folks bursting with ideas...


I can only agree with Beth. I've experienced this remorse over acceleration of shopkeeper-customer relations before -- but there is no going back. You just have to hope the shop goes bankrupt in short order.

There was a Turkish restaurant across the street from us called Nazar that we couldn't walk past without ten minutes of outrageous gladhanding -- we had to take long detours to avoid the place after a while and were relieved when it switched owners. And then there is our kindly local Palestinian grocery store, where I made such a gigantic and fabulous display of sympathy while buying my Lurpak and hummus after the recent "troubles," that I have been embarrassed to go back again and have resorted to inferior Irish butter from the Butcher Block on the next street. And then, only last Thursday, we had an unnerving escalation of relations with our corner deli man after trying to give him a $50 Mets playoff ticket and exhorting him to join us at the game as our guest. He now hides when he sees us coming. Ach, you've hit on a rich vein here wor Jonathan -- I hope to learn valuable lessons from these pages in the next installments!


Well I am at least glad to learn that I am not on my own, the outrageous gladhanding (as you so accurately describe it) of neigbourhood ethnic shopkeepers being apparently a family phenomenon. Mind you perhaps you are onto something there.. I don't seem to have any 50 dollar Mets tickets to hand right now, but do you think the offer of a complimentary main stand seat for Stockport County versus Peterborough next Saturday might be construed as inappropriate and unsavoury enough to warrant the immediate winding-up of a fledgling Polish/Iranian grocery store in south Manchester? Frankly I don't suppose there is much precedent for this manoeuvre, but it has to be worth a try.


I'm sensing there's a rich vein of social awkwardness to be mined here. You could be the new Ricky Gervais... ;)

mad muthas

i don't think you really need to worry about the rapidly advancing intimacy just yet. see how it goes - and maybe you can take the next initiative yourself - tongues or no tongues?


I don't know if you'll see this Abby, but following your brilliant comment there, I've just followed your link to your site. You're a genius, and I won't say you have too much time on your hands, because you use it so well.

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