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September 07, 2006



Mmmmm...you can smell the flanges, sorry, onions, from here :-)


Hey Iain- I hope you appreciated what I think is my first-ever baseball reference there. Featuring, I am ashamed to admit, the only player whose name I can readily call to mind, and that's probably only because he used to go out with Marilyn Monroe. Now, if we are ever going to proceed to a second-ever baseball reference, then I am really going to have to start reading your blog more often.
So... Come on the Sox! (and, er, come on the New York Mets as well, who I have a certain familial loyalty towards- as well as a rather fetching blue and orange T-shirt- courtesy of another friend of Crinklybee and regular commenter).

Of course I will have upset both of you now won't I.. I suppose claiming to support both the Red Sox and the Mets is quite beyond the pail, like professing equal allegiance to Newcastle United and S**derland AFC. Someone help me out here, please...


You could conceivably support the Red Sox and the Mets, as they're not technically rivals (they play in different leagues: American / National).

The Yankees - now there's a team you don't want to mention around Red Sox fans. Definitely a Newcastle / S**derland thing going on there, as evidenced by the fact that they are often referred to as the MFY - Y being the Yankees and MF being...well, I'll leave you work that one out! ;-)


Sounds like an interesting article / book. I'm currently reading a compilation of "best bits" from the first 21 years of the literary(ish) magazine Granta, which early on features a Bill Buford piece grandly entitled "The End of the English Novel" or something like that. I kind of understand that feeling - at present, I want to be more mentally taxed by what I'm doing, but on the other hand it's often quite pleasant enjoying minimum responsibility and being able to completely switch off at work.


A fine piece of work here, wor Jonathan! I think you might want to throw about the phrase "in the weeds," a bit, which, according to John, who worked as a waiter for ten years or so, is what waiters say over here when they are run off their feet during the busy lunch period or whatever. I'm not sure what the office parallel would be, but it's a fine phrase nonetheless and I lay it at your disposal.

Nexus John

Well, I wouldn't say you'd bought your ticket yet, but you are definitely at the station looking at the departure boards.
Reminds me of "Wrapper", a chap I used to fish with. He was a welder on the North Sea rigs.. but that's another story.


I read that as well and I was gobsmacked at the totally dedicated way he approached it. It's such a change from all the people who "go to Inida to study music" for three weeks, or "downsize" from 38K to 29K a year. I was well impressed with the bloke.

I had a brief spell as a sous-chef, and although I soon decided that I wasn't working split shifts of 11.30-3 and 6-11 for 100 quid a week, I really learnt a lot and I enjoyed the actual work, and the way that there's a lot of very crude language and absolutely no bullshit or pretence.


Fantastic post. Top stuff.

I worked in a Kentucky Fried Chicken one summer. I lasted four weeks. The coleslaw got to me in the end.

Best job I ever had. Or rather, the only one I ever had where you got free coleslaw for lunch.


So does he now know all the different ways to do eggs?

"Two eggs, over easy!" etc.

Suze x

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