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June 08, 2006



Hell, I really wasn't fucking about there, was I? As you can see it wasn't the day after Anthony's departure that I wrote my letter (like I said at the end of part two)- it actually took me a few months to build up to it. And I seem to have stuck (see the first sentence there) 'a couple of pages from a novel' in the envelope as well- presumably just in case the sentiments expressed in the letter seemed ambiguous in any way...

Try as I might, I really can't remember what that novel would have been, though. I suppose we will never know- unless the recipient of the letter himself turns up in the comment box. Now that would be a turn-up for the books...

But I know what you are wondering already- did I get a reply? Well yes- but it was not quite the one I expected. All will be revealed next time, in the fourth and- I promise- final part of the Wolverhampton Trilogy.


Enjoying this - that's quite a letter...


//Quite the Jurgen Klinsmann of your profession//

Can't wait for the next instalment...

Martin Q


Don't make us wait too long, Jonathan!


I'm ready for the brawling part! Part 4! Part 4!

John S

Well, all I can get out of Abby about Part 4 is that she "knows what happens." Supposedly there's some building contractor who "knows what happened" to Jimmy Hoffa too but nobody has gotten anything out of him either, so we're all just going to have to wait. Just to tie those two grossly unrelated things together in a flimsy way, let me just say that this insufferable Anthony character is lucky he didn't end up like the old union boss and all you did was write him a pointed letter. Ooh, unless that's what happens in Part 4...


I'm glad you waited before writing/sending it.

I would've done it the day after, and then never been quite sure if I'd really meant it.


That is just brilliant Jon.
If i didn't know you i might think you were a pretentious twit with and a malicious streak. But knowing you as i do i have to conclude your a straight talking genius with a flair for the written word, especially in poison pen letters.
I can't wait to read part four.

Are you available for commissions?



I shall have to remember to never question your bread-buying ability and always make a point of asking your wife how she is. ;o)

I am absolutely dying to see part 4.

Nexus John

I know nothing. I'm from Barcelona.
as said by Manuel in Fawlty Towers.


That's excellent. I really enjoyed that. Now that the World Cup's on, and I start taking irrational dislikes against country A, and irrational prejudices towards country B after about five minutes, I was doing to same against your former pal - although I wouldn't say that yours (and mine) was in anyway way irrational.

The detail's great. It's a very strong complaint but quite controlled at the same time. In fact, I've gone right off you now, because you have a patience and meticulousness in dealing with awkward situation that I entirely lack.

Looking forward to the next bit though.

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