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May 23, 2006



Tattenhall? I have a couple of friends in Tettenhall. Or it might actually be Tattenhall. I dunno.


My, you people keep me right!..it seems I have a lot of eagle-eyed West Midlands readers... you were right the first time as it turns out Bushra- Tettenhall is where we lived, while Tattenhall is in Cheshire. Mind you Google also reveals the people of Wolverhampton do seem a little confused about the correct spelling of their one, so you can perhaps excuse me being unsure fifteen years down the line..


hey, so i was right! have you been back lately? they have a cool sweet shop there (http://www.flickr.com/photos/fudgeit/10076281/).


The link doesn't seem to work Bushra... I have even looked on your recent Flickr photos on fudgeit to no avail (saw some lovely snaps of lots of other stuff though..)

As for going back- that was what started me thinking about all this ancient history.. you have to start with Wolverhampton Part One!


eek! try this one http://www.flickr.com/photos/fudgeit/10076281


Oh now they look just delicious- I'm off now to look for some Vimto bonbons for my lunch..


What an interesting story! It's strange how friendships change like that. I bet you stil don't understand why he was such a taciturn pillock when he came up. Or maybe you do? Are we going to get an outline of the letter in part 3?

It's quite a comfort to me to know that other people seemed just as invisible to girls whilst at uni. It wasn't just me then - phew.

Does this scheme were you go drinking and being a groupie in Spain at the State's
expense still exist? Can I have an application form please?

And if anyone has a wedding further than Brighton then they can forget me going to it.


Ooh, I'm intrigued!

I used to know a woman who used to go out with Dave Gedge. Was he the lead singer? (I know, I know, I'm crap at this kind of general knowledge - all I know is that he was in the Wedding Present. I think. Wasn't he?)

Anyway, she's dead now. But she had bleached blonde hair and was called Debbie. Might that have been her?


Dave Gedge was the singer all right- or I should say is the singer, as the band are still going- although there have been so many changes in backing line-up since the heady days of the 80s that I'm not sure even Gedge himself is sure of all their names, so I wouldn't feel too bad about that particular gap in your general knowledge. As for his girlfriend well she didn't have bleached blonde hair when me and Anthony were talking to her, but then it was a dark room, and we were very, very drunk. If she was involved with the Wedding Present songsmith for for more than five minutes though then she probably had about twenty angst-ridden epics written about her. In indie-pop circles knowing David Gedge's girlfriend is akin to being on first-name terms with the Mona-Lisa herself.

Anyway that is all by the by. What I really wanted to say (to everyone) is thank you for being patient... the third and final part of the Wolverhampton trilogy will appear on these pages very soon- possibly even tonight although you will have learnt to take little notice of such time-specific promises by now.

Lord knows why it is taking so long. After all (as you will all have gathered from the end of part two) I essentially wrote the end of this story ten years ago... and it is now folded up on a piece of photocopied paper in my loft....


Ah good, part 3 is finally on the way! I have been holding my breath for a couple of weeks now and I'm getting a bit faint!

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