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April 07, 2006



That must be the first time I've heard of a floral design tea cup being used to stop a robbery.

Even when he was caught red-handed he said that you were lucky, and a twat - it's as though they've lost face but have to keep up the bravado.

Never mind - next time I hear any strange sounds downstairs at night, I know the attire which strikes terror into robbers all over the north.


Brilliant, brilliant post. JonnyB better watch his back - you're coming up on the rails...

Martin Q

Yes, there is a bit of the JonnyB about this post - still most excellent though!


Haha - forgive me for laughing at your being robbed. Very funny post and one that I can identify with. Down here in that London, I have had five (count 'em) bikes nicked. The last time, I hot-footed it round to Stoke Newington nick, where I had to fill out a form. The guy behind the desk was close to laughter when he assured me that 'someone would look into it'.


Oh that's OK Jamie, laughing at my misfortunes is perfectly acceptable round here, in fact it is positively encouraged. And anyway if you've had five bikes nicked I'd say you have earned the right to laugh at exactly who you want...

In a further development, a policeman did turn up in the end- not in a Ford Granada but on a pushbike, which, showing what might be considered a cavalier disregard for recent neighbourhood crime patterns, he left casually leaning on the garden fence while he came inside for a cup of tea. Do they not know there's all sorts of dangerous criminals about? Anyway he's going to come back soon with a gallery of snapshots of local desperadoes loosely fitting my description of the hapless would-be bike-thief..

Oh, and the Grand National. By the simple expedient of doing exactly what the bloke in the Guardian said, I won £60. £60 yer bugger! Now I just have to decide what to do with this sudden windfall- I am teetering between really sensible options (a new pair of shoes for work; paying the £60 fine I'm going to get for driving through a red light the other week), and really frivolous ones (an almost-random selection of Spanish indiepop records bought off the internet, and a cool badge with a picture of an elephant on). Of course this process of deliberation is a mere charade, we all know exactly which way the decision will go...


....'being shot in the paddock' OUCH!!

I know how you feel about the cost of being in work these days. I'm sure 'The Charity Committee' is the name of an Eastend Crime syndicate run by two violent psycopathic brothers who know doubt love their mum.


Haha, brilliant.

And at least you didn't report your bike stolen to the police, only to find you'd left it locked up in the local precinct after absent-mindedly walking home from the shop.

Not that I'd ever do anything like that. Oh no. Not me.

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