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March 01, 2006



Hurrah! Welcome to the 21st century! And all rather well-timed, too - have you seen my email about being in Manchester this very weekend? Would be great to meet up if I get the opportunity and you're around. You've got my number so I await a text message that reads like a paragraph from 'On The Road'...


Great idea about the guide! Phone boxes used to accept 2ps when I started using them.

I'm not a great fan of mobiles myself. I had one for a few months but gave it away for recycling, after people found I responded insufficiently quickly, but you're right - phone kiosks are now priced on the assumption that you're going to make a two hour phone call to Mum in Burnley, rather than a few quick calls to check things with the garage or the girlfriend.

Zinnia Cyclamen

That's a funny post Mr Crinklybee. I too resisted until my clients changed from saying 'have you got a mobile?' to 'what's your mobile number?', at which point I thought I'd better get one. And I love mine, too, now. Except when I get random calls from drunk strangers misdialling at 3 am.


That's exactly what happened to me, Zinnia! (except for 'clients', read 'people I was arranging to meet down the pub'- Ben in the comment box up there was in fact one of them...).

Hey I'm not kidding about this top 5 phone boxes thing, either. I've just spent my lunch hour taking pictures of Manchester telephone boxes, and then scoring them on a scrap of paper according to a complex rating system of my own invention. It's looking a very close-run thing, I can tell you.

I know, the tennsion is killing me, as well. Tune in next week for the full results, all in one go cos I think that's the best way (and yes, I know I said by today but you should all know by now that round here 'the day after tomorrow' means 'next week if you're lucky'. But it will be worth waiting for- and hey- you still have time to nominate your own favourite kiosks....

Oh, and finally- I haven't forgotten about those indiepop singles either. I think we are up to 20 or so out of our thirty- the rundown will continue to its conclusion, I should think the week after next. There's some more Tracy Ullman in there, if I am not mistaken...

Right then- one more hour of work to go and then it's the weekend- one last push and we can do this, folks....


I am one of the few people still convinced that mobile phones make your brain feel like it is being microwaved, and I am sticking to my luddite cellphoneless stance and huffing and puffing about those people that talk on the phone on trains and in cafes and the like. This, while breathing in black diesel fumes from New York's nasty delivery trucks and handling the anthrax- and scarlet-fever-infested phone receivers of the city's many scrofulous phone boxes. And -- I know this is absolutely contemptible -- sometimes borrowing other people's cellphones after acting all haughty and above it all. I await your Manchester guide with bated breath -- what are the selection criteria?


I thought no-one would ever ask! Well, let's see now- I'll just consult this scrap of scribbled-upon paper which has been languishing in my parka coat pocket since Friday lunchtime. Ah yes, I remember. Kiosks are to be awarded total marks out of 20, with 5 from each of the following criteria:


Any city-centre public telephonicular facility accepting coinage qualifies for consideration for the shortlist, which so far comprises:

The phone attached to the wall in the downstairs Cornerhouse bar

The one upstairs in Piccaddilly Station by Yates Wine Lodge

The one inside Royal Exchange

The one along from the ticket office in Deansgate Station

and of course....

the line of old-fashioned red ones in front of Central Library.

That's five so far- but I am sure to have missed out some splendid examples of 20th century street chic... so if anyone would like to make a late plea on behalf of their own favourite kiosk, please do so- I will be taking my camera to work tomorrow just in case! Full results tomorrow, or at very latest Wednesday.

Eeeh, it's like Eurovision or something, this, isn't it?? (except of course without any of that pesky need for diplomacy, as I will be doing all the judging myself..)

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