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March 16, 2006



Congratulations! Don't let it go to your head - the last thing I want is a Doherty type situation in which one of my favourite bloggers pisses it all up the wall... ;)


You'll be sitting in the box for the match next week no doubt and turning up in a strech limo with those Emmerdale babes.
(any chance of a lift)

Chern Jie

Oh Emmerdale...


Damn. I just remembered I meant to title this post 'Fame, Fame, Fatal Fame' in honour of the Smiths lyric. You're just going to have to imagine that's what is says at the top..

And Oh Emmerdale, indeed. I must admit to being confused by the transformation of the nation's favourite teatime rural soap opera. One minute your'e watching old Seth in his handlebar moustache, mutton-bone sideburns and deerstalker hat sipping at a pint of mild, the next minute it's all curvaceous twenty-year olds peering lasciviously at each other over bacardi-and cokes. And all the action has moved from the snug of the Woolpack Inn to the inside of some designer apartments, which look suspiciously like they might be in Leeds. There's certainly not a sheep-dip in sight.

What happened? Was the set stormed by a crack squad of extras from Hollyoaks? Or were Seth and his cronies all killed off in an aeroplane crash (I think I remember reading about the latter, although it seems just too far-fetched to be true..)


eeh i reckon you caught it on an odd day; normally you get older members of the cast delivering the best lines, did you see nicola go crazy in the woolpack last week?


Bushra- thank you for responding to my call to bring your expertise to this discussion! Clearly I need to start watching Emmerdale properly, I am still stuck in the days when the craziest thing that had ever happened in the Woolpack was that time old Seth dropped his false teeth in a pint of mild. Oh, and nobody ever delivered any good lines at all in the old days- so the transformation is not just cosmetic, by the sound of things...


eeeeeee, congratulations wor jonathan man!

Sorry to interrrupt the Emmerdale conversation but on my way to the gym at the community college where I work here in Queens, I swear I just passed a huddle of students who were crowded round an Internet-enabled mobile phone, muttering, in their American teenage lingo, "yo, that crinklybee is so freakin awesome dog!"

I kept my head down and hurried on, lest I get vicariously caught up in the dangerous trappings of celebrity. Congratulations again!


Congratulations! There's nothing like seeing your words in print. I'm glad someone's picked it up for the world in general.

I don't watch Emmerdale, but when I started watching Coronation Street, Albert Tatlock and Enid Sharples were in it, and the nearest we got to a sex bomb was Mavis.


//One minute you're watching old Seth in his handlebar moustache, mutton-bone sideburns and deerstalker hat sipping at a pint of mild, the next minute it's all curvaceous twenty-year olds peering lasciviously at each other over bacardi-and cokes.//

Sounds like it's high time I moved back to England!


It couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke -just be sure to remember all the little people who helped you along the way when you hit that big champagne fandango red-carpet fiesta that is blogebrity. (blogebrity - somehow I don't buy that one ...) And hold on to your copy of the mix issue 2 is may soon become a collector's item. The future of the esteemed publication is, ahem, rather cloudy at the moment. I'll keep y'all posted.


Hold on to my copy? I've got three... one for me, one for Abby in New York (who features in the Smile story) and one for the star of the story David the indiepop Geordie (although I'm not sure how he will take to being portrayed in the Manchester media as a drink-crazed lunatic..).

So I'm doing my bit for your sales figures at least Yankunian...I do hope it works out for the fledgling publication- it looks to me like a worthy successor to the much-missed City Life.


Haha, I love this post. Unfortunately my life never takes me anywhere near such places as the Cornerhouse, although come to think of it I will be in town on Monday, so I'll try pick up a copy then. It's very exciting indeed!

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