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February 01, 2006



You've been on my train!

Not my bit of the journey, and not on a day when I would've been there, but still - my train!


To get so much material from a postponed fixture is a very impressive feat. A handsome, vivid description of a Saturday wander, the pilgrimige to Peel Park being a particularly good way of dealing with an absent fixture.

"10 mins. Bloke in funny hat calls linesman 'poofter'".

Think we're working from the same notebook, my friendly. ;-)


It's probably the same bloke, Skif. And the same hat.

And Beth, I am thrilled- nay, honoured- to find out I have actually been on 'Girl On A Train's' train. To think those sticky sliding doors may have been the same ones that on Tuesday January 24th caused the 8:10 to be cancelled....


"But nobody was in the mood for discounted savouries."

Loved it. Every last word of it. Including all the pointless train details! And, for no obvious reason, the above sentence more than any other... Marvellous. Football's even enjoyable when you take out the football.


some might say football's *more* enjoyable when you take out the football....


Of course, what I meant was that it even *becomes* enjoyable when you take out the football. Difficult getting the intonation right when typing...


I agree. A triumph of football-writing, Jonathan!

I always get a bit foggy when your football reports have anything but the most poetic references to the game in. . Now, could you explain that offside rule to me one more time? I seem to remember that you once did an admirable job involving pepperpots, but it just hasn't stuck.


"It's probably the same bloke, Skif. And the same hat."

I really do hope so, Jonathan. No funny hats at my latest. There was a pitch invasion by a cat though.


Ooh, I feel a right nice warm local glow coming over me.


I'm loving this good-natured rivalry between you and Skif, each of you being driven to write better and better match reports! This is a gem, especially as no match took place. (Skif's cat-interrupted match comes close, mind.) He'll keep you on your toes.

Enjoy the Manchester blogmeet this weekend mate.


Wouldn't like to think of the bee as a rival, but certainly is, along with Gable End Graffiti (RIP) and Harry Pearson, inspiration to at least try and avoid laziness when doling out this guff.

It is comforting to know that I'm not the only one out there who enjoys documenting football's intriguing peripheries.


Can't say I'm familiar with Gable End Graffiti Skif... but to be mentioned in the same breath as Harry Pearson is praise indeed... if there is one overriding influence on my match reports it is probably his mazy 'Far Corner', which is described on the cover as 'a mazy dribble through North East football', and is high in the list of 'books I wish I had written... speaking of which, I've got this idea for a collection of reports of postponed football matches- I would get out of bed of a winter's morning, head for the part of the country with the best chance of snow, and hope to spend the afternoon drinking in small-town boozers with distressed, underemployed football supporters... maybe getting into the odd brawl or two, just to inject that dash of local colour. Yes, I think we're definitely on to a winner here..if Harry Pearson's publishers are reading, you can contact me at the email address above, with details of your four-figure advance...


Aye, it is for 'The Far Corner' that he gets his mention. Gable End is now sadly defunct Montrose FC blog. It were quality.

Liking the postponement pursuit idea!

john cougill

the imperial has changed and your comments unfair

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