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January 18, 2006



Good to have you back Jonathan.

Re Frankie's present preferences - at least you should be thankful he didn't prefer the box the ELC fire engine came in rather than the fire engine itself. Or did he?


Oh, the packaging is always infinitely more interesting than the contents, Ben- that's a given. In fact if your average toddler notices the contents at all you can count yourself lucky, and congratulate yourself on money well-spent.

On a similar note tiny little things are more worthy of notice than great big massive shiny ones. Up at his grandma's in Newcastle Frankie was absolutely fascinated by a box of battered old matchbox cars that had once belonged to me. He would spend hours just lining them up, opening and closing the tiny doors, or stuffing even tinier scraps of paper in through the windows. It seems to be the intricacy of such objects that is so fascinating to the developing infant mind.


My boy Ben, well on his way to being a three year old, has shunned his miriad presents for a fridge magnet happened upon in a christmas cracker. it's not even a nice fridge magnet to my untrained eye, just a blue plastic circle. I've clearly a lot to learn.


Ah, I'm glad to see you back! I'd go right to our local video store and ask to rent this Italian for Beginners business but unfortunately the place is run by an ex-military bald Puerto Rican with a photographic memory, and he might not take kindly to that bit about the organist.


Ah, I'm glad to see you back! I'd go right to our local video store and ask to rent this Italian for Beginners business but unfortunately the place is run by an ex-military bald Puerto Rican with a photographic memory, and he might not take kindly to that bit about the organist.


Hey, it's the return of the Bee! I was just thinking they have very long holidays in Stockport :)

I saw that film a few years ago and really liked it. It's so un-Hollywoody. Thanks for reminding me about it. I'd forgotten I'd even seen it (ooer, old age!)

I liked the bit about the drinks cabinet. Part of me aspires to making a dramatic yet unsderstated flourish when people come round, as I open the fake teak cabinet to reveal a bottle of every known drink in the world, but the better part of me knows that we'd drink all the decent stuff, then there'd be several episodes of sitting up late at night in front of a computer drinking some throat-scraping Slovenian Cherry Syrup, which would just be wrong.

Isabelle Baker

That's what we all needed - a good 'talking to'. Now we can all dust ourselves down and stride into the New Year with confidence and enthusiasm....STOP LAUGHING !!!!
Maybe I'll just see if I can get my hands on that Italian film thingy first.

Nexus John

As a lifelong angler and a former employee of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food,(now known as Defra) I am interested in your veiled suggestion that there is no difference between Haddock(Mellanogramus Aeglefinus) and Cod(Gadus Morhua).
Both are pelagic members of the Gadidae, but that is where the resemblance ends.
Just ask Harry Ramsden why he prefers Mellanogramus Aeglefinus.


Haha, I particularly like the title for this post.

I hear a rumour you may be attending the Mcr blogmeet - is this true? Hope so!


Aye, I think the title reflects the fact that I started writing without really having the faintest idea what I was going to write about (I was just thinking, come on now Jonathan write something for God's sake). Italian for Beginners just happened along half-way through and seemed like entertaining enough company for a few paragraphs...

As for the blogmeet- yes the rumours are true! In fact have just emailed you... and will be sure to advertise the event over here as well in due course!


A blogmeet, eh? You've been bitten by the bug of meeting bloggers in the flesh, haven't you, Jonathan? ;) Hope it goes well.

Martin Q

He certainly has. And very good it has been for all concerned. Nice to meet you last week, Jonathan! And I am impressed that you appear to have acted on my suggestion already... Wow, I am so influential. *falls over under weight of suddenly inflated head*

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