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November 30, 2005



Which songs did you join in with then?

The one about using hammers and knives to sort out the Glazers or the one praising their player because he hits scousers.

Not very joyful or hooligan free. In fact it Sounds just like the 80's to me.


I didn't hear either of those ones John and I wouldn't have joined in with either if I did. Like I say there were plenty of others to choose from.

And I'm sorry, but I still think you're missing the point. Aye I'm sure there were some hotheads in there- this is a football terrace after all, and I don't suppose the home support took too kindly to being referred to as 'Cheadle Rentboys'- but the mood was one of celebration and communal, peaceful purpose. It was really quite different from the 80s in that there were no monkey chants or knives, and you didn't feel in constant fear for your life. I think sometimes we forget quite how awful it was back then..

Above all the point I want to make is that this is not just about Glazer- and certainly not about Reds versus Blues. If I as a Newcastle fan am embracing FC it is because this is about working class football fans uniting against the corporate stranglehold being exerted on our game. As a good socialist you should understand that, regardless of your footballing allegiance!


Well said, wor Jonathan! I think it's about the life and the spontaneous creativity being sucked out of things. It's just like people not riding the bus so much any more -- we are collecting songs people write about their bus for the Bonkworld website, by the way. I believe you might have one or two to contribute.

Nexus John

A joyful piece of writing. Get it published before the Glazers see their lawyers.
Brilliant !!


I think this needs to be discussed at length (again) over a Guiness or two.


Consider it a date John (one of my many commenting Johns- perhaps we should arrange a mini-blogmeet for Johns only, and thrash this thing out for once and for all).


//punk football- and some rather uncomplimentary songs about Rio Ferdinand- are coming your way soon//

Can't wait!!

Since 'Iain' is just another form of 'John', do I qualify for an invitation to the mini-blogmeet? ;-)


Well you know if I start letting in Iains I'm going to have Ewans, Shauns, Sians and Giovannis knocking on the door and then where will we be? This could be the thin end of a very long wedge. But since it's you Iain (and since you have made the extra effort to insert that extra 'i' in your name thereby making it slightly more picturesque and mysterious), fair enough.

Nexus John

Too many Johns?
I claim the high ground.
Nexus John is the man.


I am a fc fan and have been since the first game a Leigh RMI. I am really glad you enjoyed you first FC experience. Hope you manage to get to more in the near future. personnal i feel your article has captured so much of what FC is about. I love watching 22 lads playing for their shirts and not 100k a week as we find in the premiership. One other thing I love about FC nad their fans is that no matter what the results both sets of players get applauded of the pitch.

Thanks again for so a positive write up


Punk football rules. I spent boxing day (and probably will spend monday) watching FC. They are quite possibly the best thing to happen to football in Manchester since Alan Shearer decided to waste his career away in Newcastle.

The man with no shame,
The man with no shame,
Rio Ferdinand,
The man with no shame.


John can you get in touch
with me...As was the the 1st
part of your story(Leve st)
leave me e-mail


Hiya Korky from Platform 2... have just this minute written to you...

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