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October 10, 2005


Martin Q

Hmmm... Ancoats, eh? Quite an appropriate sounding place to keep a stockpile of old ... coats! (I know, a poor pun, but I couldn't resist.)

Wondered why you weren't wearing the by-now famous parka this morning when I spotted you at the station once again but (a) even in my bomber jacket I worked up a sweat today so you probably would have overheated in a parka what with all that furry stuff and (b) having read your latest post, considering that you're still on the lookout for henchmen, I don't blame you for keeping it indoors for the time being... Maybe it's not the sort of club we other innocent parka wearers of M13 should be joining after all. Thanks for sharing a great story, anyway.

Meanwhile, what was all that about an apple?


Aye well, I actually wore the coat yesterday and escaped the attention of any henchmen. I did get a few funny looks on my way from Piccadilly to Deansgate, but I think that was to do with the unsuitableness of my attire for the unseasonably sweltering conditions to which you refer.

As for the apple with the message on, well I found I just couldn't shoe-horn it into the story there without it getting in the way of all those coats. Also the apple itself seems to have dropped out of my pocket on Friday night and I was really wanting to include a photograph (just so you know I'm not making any of this up..) Oh well- it may yet appear in a post of its very own, unless some other strange happening intervenes in the meantime..

Martin Q

If there wasn't already a chance of me seeing you anyway in the parka I might demand a photo of that as well, just to be sure you're not making that up too!

John S

Eeee, well me I'll have nightmares for sure about ghoulishly handless sleeves reaching out at me as I'm slaloming into the kitchen, but I'm seriously unsatisfied as to the role of this apple. I and thousands like me demand to know more.

Glittering Lee

Only if I can zip it up so it looks like you're a periscope!

We loved snorkle parkas at school. Though they were a devil for mishaps when you crossed the road. It was one of the first fashion crazes to be banned at ours; too many kids hit by cars cause of their hoods.

Shame they didn't ban tie-dye, either... but that's more a personal thing...


I know! I had forgotten about the snorkel thing and then yesterday zipped up the Parka to protect against the driving rain for the short journey up the A6 to the Chinese takeaway and on the way back nearly got run over by two 192 buses and a 197. Would have played havoc with me chicken fried rice.

There was also this thing at infant school wear you would chase each other around in your parkas and when you caught someone you would lock snorkels and peer at each other down the dark tunnel formed by the two together- or was that just a Fenham thing??

Martin Q

If I recall correctly, the parka I had as a kid came with a little tag attached warning not to wear the hood while crossing the road.

So the Parka Club wasn't considerate enough to provide a similar warning to you, J? Glad you survived, frankly!

Hmmm... other essential features - is the lining a blindingly bright orange colour, with little diamonds sewn into it?

And does the hood have a little strap at the back? You used to be able to zip kids up in their coats and then pick them up by the strap - maybe even hang them on a hook somewhere if the hook was strong enough. Better still if there was a drawcord you could tie up the front of the snorkel with as well... They'd never get down.

Or you could sit behind someone on the bus and while they weren't looking you could tie their strap to the little bar above their seat. Then when their stop came and they tried to get off... they were stuck. Only did it once but then felt sorry for my mate and helped him untie it - too soft, me!

We didn't do the locking snorkels thing in south London but we did other cool stuff. On cold days it was fun to puff steam (ie breath) out of the front of the snorkel as I recall. You could pretend to be a steam train if the mood took you.

Such fun.


Did you ever solve the mystery of the parka club? And do you still wear the parka or did you get fed up of having to sidle past it in the hall?

To be honest as I run www.spuggie1234.com a large snorkel parka fetish site, I wish I knew of the parka club then I could claim my free parka!



Gawddd! Your so lucky!

And a Manc also, perhaps I should try to get myself involved in this Parka Club also, being a fan of these coats for many years... but never owning one :(

Parka Club

Danny, if you don't provide any contact details it's rather hard to send you your parka!


I got a navy blue with orange lining snorkel parka


Snorkel parkas are the coat to have

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