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September 09, 2005



Me and our kid are planning to do the Manchester 10K fun next may. Why not join us.

p.s. How lucky were them red B***ards. Just come back from the pub watching the game
on some Norweigan channel.


Ah yes! Jogging is an awful awful thing, especially when you see those ungainly types having a go at it. Right here in Central Park there is an emaciated woman with a bizarrely white-painted face who jogs assiduously around the famous "loop" in the wrong direction all day long. It's a bad sight, like something out of Shaun of the Dead.

Kenyans are another matter. They look good when they are jogging and have no ungainliness about them whatsoever. In spite of the lack of similarity between Kenyans and ordinary joggers, we have for some reason decided recently to call anyone who is running anywhere (e.g., after a bus or down the subway steps) a Kenyan, as in, "look at that Kenyan running after the number 6."

Anyway, I am glad you survived the Elswick Harriers and ahdn't realised that they were more scary than the fabled Elswick Mafia that were supposed to be lurking somewhere on the West Road near those horrible tower blocks ready to flush your head down the toilet.


I did the GNR a few years ago (yet another exiled Geordie) and injured myself during the training. So rather than actually not do it, I thought I would get better; then the night before the run went out with another runner and had 4 pints of Guiness. That is the best thing to prepare for 13.5 miles of death. In the end, I was being overtaken by 80 year old men while I looked like I was 100 years old and wheezed across the finish line. The thing that really killed me was limping to the Metro in South Shields to get back to my parents place - that was a nightmare.


As another Geordie living away, I did the Great North last year, and know how hard it is.

Wish your mate David all the best, metaphorically it's all downhill once yu cross the Tyne bridge. Physically it's a rather different story.


Damo- you must be the exiled Geordie who posts sometimes on Blackandwhiteandreadallover- welcome to the site! I don't think I'll be joining you and Paul in slogging the 13.5 miles to South Shields any time soon, even though bonny David tells me there are lasses handing out ham and cheese stotties at strategic intervals along the route (can this really be true?). Maybe if they start serving pints of Guinness as well it will be a different story. Until then I think I will leave the road running to the Kenyans, and continue making my trips to the coast via the Tyne and Wear Metro- and I mean both there and back by the way..


I remember being offered a bacon sandwich, and a can of lager during the run last year.

Turned down both offers, although really fancied the bacon sarnie about 30 seconds after I'd made the decicion and run on.


I don't mind the running, it's the near-death experience I had afterwards.
And yes, thanks for the welcome.

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