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August 11, 2005



What an unnerving tale. It starts with a cappuccino bar and a European plaza and some innocent tram cars and ends in this, eh? At least in the middle ages they built monuments to god instead of commerce, allowing for a bit of madness and zeal in their architects.

Here in New York we are having to contend with the firghteningly named "Freedom Tower" with all its metaphorical US-imperialist/phallic overtones and so forth. I thought Manchester had too much self esteem for such capers. I think there should be a competing monument designed and executed by the floppy fringed sensitive jingly jangly types. Perhaps a giant pink ball of fluff in the Piccadilly Gardens. I would like a postcard of that.

Oh, and I am glad you thought to include the beautiful blue Tyne bridge in your story!


2.5 million to be able to see Blackpool?


Blackpool, Liverpool, probably Hartlepool on a clear day. Cheap at half the price. Meanwhile I've just spent lunchtime casting our new skyscraper the occasional sideways, skywards glance from my favourite canalside bench. I can't say it's winning me over with its charms yet but I suppose there is time- maybe I've just got to find its best side.

A competing tower for those of a more sensitive disposition would be a fine thing indeed though. Instead of a phallic shining pylon on the top it could have a giant lollipop, or maybe just a floppy fringe lolloping over the sides and obscuring the view out of the 40th floor penthouse windows. Come the indiepop revolution we will reappropriate the site of classic jangly disco 'The Venue' (which has been converted, scandalously, into yet more designer flats) and make these very adjustments. Oh yes we will!


I believe that during Prague's velvet revolution they did something similar -- demolishing a giant and sombre head of Lenin (or was it Stalin?) that stood at the end of one of the city's prime boulevards and replacing it with a giant and silly metronome that symbolically marks time for the new jangly post-revolutionary era.

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