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May 15, 2005



//Alan Falconer from class 2Q didn't seem to get the point; as you showed him your doubles he would just mutter 'got it, got it, got it!' as fast as he could, like some kind of demented Geordie songbird.//

I think every playground had its own local variation on Alan Falconer.
Great post - thanks for the trip down memory lane!


I don't suppose that for 63p these stickers came with an actual panini? So that you could enjoy, say, some avocado, tomato, and peppers on some grilled bread while idly imagining that those Spanish midfielders' moustaches were certainly going to seem very '1980s' in a decade or two?

The Goldberg Trade reminds me a bit of The O'Connor Episode of 1970. I was the proud possessor of the most ingenious toy ever designed: Sixth Finger. Sixth Finger closely resembled an actual human finger except for its hollow tip, which could be spring-loaded with various projectiles, and could be held to look like it was part of your hand. Before anyone -- say Tommy O'Connor -- could realize that your hand was freakish and deadly, you could extend your arm as if to offer a friendly shake and use your thumb on the clever trigger mechanism in your best effort to put your little friend's eye out.

Tommy had an ordinary cheap-ass Pez dispenser, which, when emptied of Pez candy, could be used to shoot invisible laser beams that never missed their intended targets. Sixth Finger, for all its expensive wonders, was not known for its range or accuracy, and since it used actual rather than imaginary projectiles, its failures were all too apparent. I became jealous as Tommy ran roughshod over me with his laser Pez, and when he detected my interest, he suggested a trade. I readily agreed. I realized by the next day that I had been bamboozled, but the Ten Year Old's Code of Honor would brook no reversals.

I think Tommy and Martin Goldberg may have ultimately had something to do with the Enron scandal, but I've never understood it well enough to be sure...


A fabulous post Jonathan - best blog read I've had in quite a while (in other words, stick it in the 'Best Of...' section now!).

Isabelle Baker

For a while, there I was magically transported to the 1980s streets of Fenham - so that's where all my change went when you were so eager to run to the paper shop for anything from an Evening Chronicle to ten Embassy and a box of matches!
And you're right - no one could compete with Martin Goldberg's dubious ethics, business acumen and open charm. You sort of didn't mind him getting the better of you - it was so 'in his nature'.
Thanks for that trip down Memory Lane.


I can remember collecting the 86/87 football league stickers, carrying around 100+ stickers in the vain hope of finding the 2 i needed. 18 years later i still remember which ones i needed: Trevor Putney (Norwich) and the shiny Birmingham City badge. Panini have a lot to answer for.

ian kendrick

Crazy website. Good name. The crinkly bee?? Where does it come from?? Miss your enthusiastic rants in various Manchster watering holes when Newcastle appear on television


Ian- good to see you here- I also will never forget our cup semi-final day out which started off with you wandering into joshua brooks (and me thinking, hold on, that bloke looks like a slightly younger and taller version of my mate David), and ended up (if I am thinking of the same cup semi final) with us singing Karaoke in a the Grand Central on Oxford Road, watched by a half-carriageload of amused Geordies who had attended the game at Old Trafford and were about to catch their train home. That was my first and last attempt at Karaoke, you will not be surprised to learn.

And the Crinklybee name? Look up in the 'About' section (top left of the tool bar) for an explanation...

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