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May 10, 2005



At least that first season prepared you for the next 30 or so years of crushing disappointment as a Newcastle fan. Still, there's always next season, isn't there?


It is worth reflecting that winning is also a bitter pill, because there's nowhere to go but down. The talk of next year begins within moments of securing the current championship, so that the average time of actual fully realized bliss turns out to be 6.3 seconds per year per fan before the rest of the field are considered competitors again and the worries begin again. "There's always next year" -- it's heaven and hell combined!


I'm sure there's a lot of fans (myself included) who'd savour those 6.3 seconds for the rest of their lives. Provided I ever get the chance to experience them, which on this season's performance seems highly unlikely.

Still, singing in Cardiff as Man Utd pissed on our collective dreams was surprisingly theraputic.


'Always Next Season', indeed. That exact phrase was originally contained in the final sentence, in this post's original incarnation as an attempted submission for the kindly editor at When Saturday Comes (who on this occasion quite singularly failed to reach into his breast pocket for a 5-kroner piece, instead rejecting the effort as 'not substantial enough'- hmmmmphh). Oh well, the Readership of WSC's loss is our gain, or something. And perhaps this is where the story fits best, with all my other 'life stories'.

I suppose our 6.3 seconds of bliss came during the mid-90s Keegan heyday, when we briefly led the Premiership by a seemingly unassailable 12 points, before embarking on a famous half-season long process of self-destruction, which left us trailing home in second place- to (who else?) a resurgent, Cantona-inspired Man United.

We just couldn't cope with the possibility of glory back then, could we? Even during those heady days I remember being consumed by worry- would we be caught? Could we possibly pull off this incredible runaway feat?? Was it all a dream??? It certainly feels like one now that we have returned to our customary station of mid-table obscurity. Perhaps we should have appreciated those 6.3 seconds of bliss a little bit more, because the chances of 6.3 more seem increasingly remote....

By the way normal service will be resumed here on Crinklybee, hopefully next week. My comparative inactivity has been due to various factors, such as work becoming suddenly ridiculously busy, my home computer packing up, and the after-effects of staying up till 5AM watching Peter Snow's swingometer swinging merrily back and forth. Just part of an incident-strewn election night in M19- which I will have to tell you all about- hopefully next week!


It has just occurred to me that this new piece of crinklybee has illustrations -- good heavens! Hats off to you and your technical prowess! The football stuff is all very exciting too, although I'd like to suggest that the kindly editor might be more interested in something about your life in broken Subbuteo players. I will personally offer five Kroner for that one.

Nexus John

Lesson Five: the package that didn't arrive in time from ebay has turned up. It must have been waiting for the right moment.

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