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April 15, 2005



Good stuff on sorting out a 'best of' section - it means I can catch up on one or two posts I've missed. Shame about Pie Club missing out, though!

It's really hard not to feel defeatist after last night's match and in advance of Sunday, isn't it? Let's just hope and pray half the Man Utd team are struck down with a mystery illness. Actually, you're in Manchester - can you not nip out to the training ground and slip something dodgy in their food in the cafeteria? Arsenic would do nicely.

Not John

Is Man United not human? If you prick them, do they not bleed? And didn't they just lose to a relegation candidate, or was that just a dirty rumor I heard, or did they somehow come back and win after being down 2 nil? I get my football news randomly and through dubious channels.

In any case, congrats on the fab new features. Just as a point of interest, you might wish to know that no little yellow box appears when you hover over the "best of" choices when the viewer is using Safari on a Mac. However, there are probably only about 14 of us in the world, and we do get a little notice in the gray bar at the bottom of our screen, up to a certain number of characters.

I must say I had hoped when I clicked on the little picture, that a bigger version of the picture would appear, but instead I got the same little picture on a page all its own, making it look, if anything, even smaller. I may be the man on the bike, but I'm not sure. I can't see the man. Hell, I can't see the bike. I'm not entirely sure I can make out the street. Still, art is art, and a man shouldn't complain.


If you had seen the embarrasing ease with which the skimpy Magpie resistance was brushed aside in Lisbon last night, NotJohn, then you would understand better our gloomy outlook. Mind you our opponents did resort to underhand foreign tactics such as fancy footwork, passing the ball among themselves in neat triangles (triangles must always be described as 'neat' where passes are concerned, it is the law), and, most underhand of all, striking the ball accurately into the corner of Shay Given's net, four times. Faced with such a cynical display of dastardly gamesmanship our honest-to-goodness British approach, relying on manly scurrying and hopeful sixty yard punts towards the head of a burly, talismanic target man, could not hope to prevail.

Sixty yard punts, by the way, should always be described as 'hopeful' when they are directed towards a target man- who in turn must be described as 'talismanic', if he happens to be Alan Shearer. It's the law.

Meanwhile the two of you appear to have found some way of evading my new comment filter. Damn it- those people at Goodfellas/DonnyBrasco Novelty Web Tools Inc must have bleedin' well seen me coming.


Oh and by the way I can't help you with your hoverboxes young man, but if you click on the little photo once it appears on the big page all on its own, then it appears again, only bigger! And there's a man on a bike, look!

Axwell Frank

Agree with everything you say and applaud your intricate scheme to prevent the jurns getting through.

John Jon Jonathan Johnson

Saw the man on the bike and I think he looks like that dodgy skinhead out of the old Guardian advert on the television. Very nice picture. Very Urban. The lack of other photos reminds me of Yves Klein's famous 1953 exhibition, "La Vide," which featured an empty gallery painted pure white:

"Klein decided to exhibit nothing -- at least nothing that was immediately visible or tangible...Others spoke of a complete break with conventional humanism, and Albert Camus reacted with a poetic entry in the visitors' album, "Avec le vide, les plein pouvoirs," (with the void, full powers)."
Oh, and just so you know, today is WORLD FLEEING DAY!

Mutha Baker

What about the pie club, my all-time favourite. Surely it should be in the top 10.

Mutha Baker


'Avec le vide, les pleins pouvoirs'. Exactly. A woman at the bus stop was saying precisely the same thing to me just yesterday.

Meanwhile I am heartened by the groundswell of support being shown here for that classic revolutionary tract the Pastry-Fanciers Charter, and may well reconsider the top 10 on the strength of it, quite possibly over a Ginsters steak and onion trellis.

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