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March 24, 2005



You need to watch Sky Sports' Soccer AM programme to understand where the wide arm clapping and 'Easy! Easy!'
chant comes from. It's a homage to 1970's British wrestling. Big Daddy, Kendo Nagasaki and the like.


Not a bad game to feel compelled to go to, even if the result wasn't the desired one.

Harold Wilson

Any day spent in the company of prolific Ulstermen and pacy menaces on the break can't be half bad really. And I'm glad somebody pointed out the 70s wrestling homage before I was forced to do it myself.


Stockport isn't in Lancashire???


Mr Wilson, may I say what an honour it is to receive a comment from a leading deceased figure of the 20th Century British Labour Movement. I had no idea you were a wrestling fan, but that would explain why the statue at Huddersfield train station features you felling your perennial rival, the Rt Hon Ted Heath, with a flailing forearm smash. Easy!

And Wendy, no, Stockport is the northernmost point of the county of Cheshire. Unless these days it is in Greater Manchester- to be perfectly honest, I get a bit confused. Perhaps you are thinking of Southport, which is in Lancashire, or possibly Merseyside, depending on who you are talking to.

And finally, a word on the prolific Ulsterman featured in the last story- that heroic but vain hat-trick turned out to be Feeney's last act for County, before being transferred to Luton. The impressive Dolan, who won everything in the air, has gone as well, while Singh, the only other player I mentioned, contrived to miss a penalty in the next match, the 3-1 Easter Monday reversal at Bradford. Is this the curse of Crinklybee, I wonder? God knows County have enough trouble without me adding to it- I may have to limit future match reports to detailed analysis of the half-time pies.

And very finally indeed, I have a story to tell you about an Easter Egg competition. It will be here soon, I promise (unless I decide to write about something else). So do come back soon, y'all!

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