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February 06, 2005



What do you mean nothing of any interest happens for the rest of the match. Have you forgotten the sublime skills of SWP and the lumbering failings of a certain
mr. Bramble which combined to create the well deserved penalty spot equaliser for the 'mighty Blues'
OH how quick you desert your other team.


Well I was ashamed to admit it, but I missed the equalising penalty as well. I was still waiting for one of my exiled Geordie friends to finish his half-time pint.

Twenty eight quid for a ticket and we manage to miss both goals. Now that is just downright careless, isn't it? Oh well, at least we got to sing 'Shoes off if you love the toon' while waving our trainers in the air. It is not every day you get the chance.

You will be pleased to hear I had my City hat on again by Sunday lunchtime, however, just in time to follow your sterling efforts in wresting a point from Chelsea. Now if you can just find a way to overcome the West Bromwich Albions of this world, you could really be going places...


As I write this, from a windowless shoebox office somewhere underneath the majestic shadow of the empire state building, where my blood has been boiling because of a rather nasty run-in with some soulless bureaucrats from human resources, I find that my heart once again springs with hope at the thought that the kindly editor has reached into his pocket for a shiny silvery coin and flung it your way.

I suppose that you have already spent a feverish amount of it on bread and cheese and then spent the afternoon in the park composing a three-volume treatise on philosophical consciousness or a pamphlet on the crimes of the future. I have heard that those when saturday comes articles are pretty far-reaching sometimes.

Anyway, congratulations on making it to the big time!


Well I did have a funny experience the other day. One minute I was sitting on the 191 bus going past Uptown Girl in Longsight, the next I was emerging from a 16-hour hallucogenic slumber on a park bench down by the docks with a scrumpled-up piece of paper in my hand, covered in barely legible notes. I think it was either a thesis on the moral abyss at the heart of modern Western capitalism, or a tribute to the ball skills of Imre Varadi.


Hahaha - 'Zico'. My laptop is now sporting a fine spray of lukewarm coffee.

Knut Hamsen

I am astounded to think that you know of my existence and have written a joke specifically for my benefit, not once but three times in a single article. Sir, I must go now. I am hungry, but I cannot accept your left-over half sandwich.


Enjoyed this - found my way here via silentwordsspeakloudest. Congrats on the WSC article - am a subscriber myself and look forward to the Stockport article.

It's certainly an ambition of mine to get something in WSC, but as yet I can't think of anything that is of interest to anyone other than myself, so fair play to you.

My blog covers footballing experiences so I have put a link to yours in my 'misc links' section, just so as you know.


Welcome to Crinklybee Skif, and thanks for the link. Strangely enough I also found you via Ben at Silentwords, just the other day. I was reading about your trip to Altrincham and nearly put a comment... but then you got here first. I wonder if you were the bloke behind me on the terraces versus Lancaster wielding a notebook- it seems there are nearly as many groundhopping bloggers at that ground as there are 'regular' supporters....

And Mr Hamsun, well it goes without saying I am honoured to count among my readership Norway's foremost 19th century existentialist. We do not seem to have heard from you for a while, what with you being dead and all... perhaps you should consider taking in some non-league football and sharing your views with us via this here new-fangled medium? Apart from anything else, the half-time cup of bovril could be just the thing for that darned hunger of yours...

Knut Hamsen

I'm not really dead you know, just severely ostracized due to some unfortunate misunderstandings about politics. Nothing a little non-league football couldn't clear up, mind, with a bit of bovril.


Very entertaining. And well done - fame at last!


Congratulations on the WSC.Looking forward to a possible follow up covering the "gunfight at the OK corral" or was it "The Horseshoe bar" in Levenshulme where we spent a quiet Sunday afternoon watching the Sheffield United/West Ham game with the Irish lads.

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