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January 07, 2005



Am I right in saying that Manchester has two Waterstones? I prefer the bigger one on Deansgate though.


Move over Engels! When it comes to describing squalid mancunian sidestreets, you are the man! I might also offer that, although I used to live in Manchester, when I try to picture where exactly it is that you're talking about my mind is clouded in a sort of brain-fog. A product of the curiously labyrinthine streets no doubt. I wonder if this neighbourhood is in the A-Z or spookily left out like those secret nuclear installations in Nevada.

As to your bicycle aerobatics -- bleeding hell, man!


Hello hello!

Wendy- there are indeed 2 Waterstones- a big one on Deansgate and a little one just behind it opening onto St Annes Square. The smaller one is full of absent-minded bookish types, labouring under the misapprehension there is only one store with 2 entrances, searching for the non-existent Art History section. Some of them have been in there since 1989.

As a further source of confusion for geographically-challenged bibliophiles, the central library is housed within a perfectly round building. You start walking round then think, 'hold on, I've passed those shelves already, I must have done a full circuit', and turn back for an anticlockwise revolution. And then back again. More than once I have grown dizzy trying to find the admissions desk. Which is not to be advised, as the building also has one of those scary old-fashioned staircases where the well goes right down the middle and you are convinced you are going to jump over the edge if you don't concentrate really, really hard.

Abby- imagine coming out of the back entrance of Afflecks Palace and heading away from from Piccaddilly Gardens, past the fruit and veg stalls in front of the ugly 1970s multi-storey car park. You're at the bottom of Tib Street, gateway to Manchester's Trendy Northern Quarter. Hurrah! Now, avoiding the temptation to nip into the Love Saves the Day Delicatessen for an onion bagel and a bag of Czechoslovakian toffees, turn left for no apparent reason whatsoever into some dingy-looking backstreets, and Bob's your uncle.

Next time, The cut-out-and-keep Crinklybee guide on How To Get From Chorlton Street Bus Station To Ho's Chinese Bakery Without Getting Unaccountably Lost in the Grounds of UMIST (in Thirteen Easy Stages).


Arg, yes, the elusive Chinese bakery and its coconut buns for 60p. It is swathed in mists I tell you! If you are able to describe its location we will have to kill you.


Ah, Afflecks Palace. That name brings back a lot of happy memories.

The last time I was in there it was all "Madchester" tshirts and flared jeans.

I'm guessing it has changed a bit since then...


I'm a new visitor to your site. Liking it a lot. A lot a lot.

Ever tried Kebabish, up Picadilly Basin way? mmmmmm tarka dal, keema and peas and roti for three quid. happy days.


Thank you Gavin, for the comment- and the recommendation. I am constantly on the look-out for new 'rice and three' experiences, and may well try to search out this Kebabish of which you speak. The Piccaddily basin would be somewhere near the train station, right?

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