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December 21, 2004



Having fallen prey to its numerous charms during my time in Nottingham, I can attest to Fopp's greatness. Which Wedding Present album was it? You could at least divulge that! I was bought the remixed and repackaged Seamonsters recently - great stuff.

As for the Booncy Hammer Man - I'll no doubt be encountering him on Northumberland St when I venture into toon on Thursday. Let's just hope there's one of those injury claims people waiting with their clipboard when he gives me concussion...


Could have been worse. Could have been Dire Straits on the bagpipes.


I can't imagine anything worse, JonnyB. Possibly being hit on the head a real seven-foot hammer wielded by Mark Knopfler himself, but it is a close run thing.

Ben, it was the 1989 2nd album, Bizarro. And very fine it is too- I have it on vinyl but it has become hopelessly scratched by multiple drunken efforts to find the quiet bit at the start of 'Bewitched'.

I've also got the first album, George Best (featuring the classic moody cover shot of the genius footballer in action) and a couple by David Gedge's solo project Cinerama- but seem to have missed out on Seamonsters. Hmmm... I think I can feel another visit to Fopp coming on with my first wage packet of the New Year..


Ah, the booncy hammer. What I'd like to know is whether the mucky giant inflatable Santa Claus on the roof of Manchester Town Hall has been hauled out for another year or whether they now have tasteful european plaza-style decorations instead. Personally, I would opt for Santa, of course.

Your story has conjured my own shopping terror, which involves making well-intentioned journeys on the 7-train to the center of Manhattan once a week for the fast few weeks and coming away with no presents at all. None.

I think it started when I went to Office Depot to buy a folder in late November (a pretty unchistmassy activity) and they had moved beyond the ordinarily awful christmas cd to a shrill manufactured sort of music that just went "Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!"

Alarmed and frightened, I have since confined myself to the Fopp-like shops in back streets such as Lafayette and the nether regions of Chinatown, wandering in a fevered daze, my head reeling with things I have read in dangerous pamphlets. Only one present has made it past my anti-bourgeois defences - a small picture of some post-industrial rooftops that I bought from a suitably struggling artist on Prince St.

And now, of course, I am starting to feel bad. I might go out this afternoon and buy a whole truckload of booncy hammers and see if I can make the last post.

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