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November 26, 2004



Well, what a small world it is. My evening seems to have been hijacked by the discovery I made today that the internet is full of interesting blogs.

For the last 6 months I've been a lone blogger, blithely ignorant of the rest of the blogging world. But tonight I've discovered Troubled Diva, Little Red Boat, and now you.

Why the "small world" comment? Well, I arrived at your blog because I read a post of yours in the Little Red Boat blog and noticed you were from Manchester... so thought I'd see if I could find out more. And now I find you live in Levenshulme. As do I. And I'll tell you a secret: I've finally discovered (after many years of false starts) how to get the better of the Levenshulme Mouse.

Aha, you thought I was going to tell you the how-to-get-rid-of-them secret? Nah. I just told you the I-know-how-to-get-rid-of-them secret. For the rest, you will have to pay the standard fee required. And it don't involve cat suits. ;o)


A surefire way of getting rid of mice that does not involve a man in a catsuit? I can scarcely credit it- but if our three-pronged approach to dealing with our invasion fails to work, I may well be coming back and begging you for the secret, Clare.

Meanwhile I am glad you have found the site (via the excellent troubled diva/ little red boat)- it is indeed a small world! If you look about you will find a fair few more M19-related stories-there's one about Barry from Eastenders opening the Kwiksave (how exciting was that??) and another about the arrival of cafe-bar culture on the A6, in the form of Cody's cafe.

Enjoy reading, and welcome to Crinklybee!


I have a mousetrapping secret - the 99c all-american humane mouse trap used with ...peanut butter. At least it works on NYC mice. The side effect ? It puts you off peanut butter for ever and ever. But it works like a charm. We caught our mouse in a few hours and let him go right next to someone else's apartment building and he ran off into the night as happy as larry.

I have one trap left and I will send it to you if you think you can handle peanut butter power and greatness!


Peanut butter or mice? Now that is a difficult conundrum, as I really, really do like peanut butter. I will need to give this matter some very careful thought.

But your suggestion reminds me of another option I forgot to mention-I could try playing our visitors the CD you sent us years ago of Raymond Scott's 'Tom and Jerry' soundtrack music and hope it makes the mouse run away. Equally, of course, he could be inspired to pick up a giant frying pan and chase us round the house with it, cackling fearlessly.

Hmmm- on second thoughts I think I will stick with the Talulah Gosh 12 inches and the catsuit...


I've never been to Cody's, which is silly because I can practically see it out of the window even as I type. I just assumed it wouldn't be much cop, cynical thing that I am.

I'll have to hunt down your post on the matter...


Aha, found it. It seems Cody's is not what / where I thought it was. How can a woman live in a place and pay so little attention to it?
I'll have to try it out.
On a vaguely related note, my other 'alf is a reporter for the Metro. But it weren't 'im wot ruined Cody's reputation, I promise.
But on another Levenshulme note, my street was featured on R4 the other day. It seems John Thaw's mum grew up in the house at the end of my street. And there are only eleven houses on my street. It's all quite dramatic cos John Thaw's mum abandoned him when he was a kid and he never talked about her - so Sheila Hancock had to wait until after his death to track her down. Apparently she came and knocked on the door. Not that I saw her. Isn't it pathetic how excited one can get at the thought of such things as Sheila Hancock knocking on a neighbour's door, or Barry opening Kwiksave? Even more pathetic was my impulse to contact her and say "I live on the same street as John Thaw's mum and I'm a novelist". Luckily I resisted it.
Hang on, Barry opened Kwiksave? Why? When? How (Kwiksave wasn't closed in the first place - was it?)? Right, off to hunt about your site a little more...


John Thaw you say, Clare? We're quite the artistic community in Levenshulme, aren't we, what with our TV actors' errant mothers, novelists, and reporters for the Metro- not to mention the girl from Big Brother who lives on our street. What next- Hugh Grant sipping a latte in Cody's? I would not be surprised. Barry from Eastenders was on August 27th, by the way, in case you haven't found him yet.

Looby/ Billy- I know, Stockport County are fantastic. They're going to win the FA Cup- you read it here first. Unfortunately I won't be able to report on their second round game v Swansea tomorrow because I'm off to see Santa Claus in Bury (he's living in Bury nowadays, apparently the motorway connections in Lapland leave a lot to be desired). So maybe you'll get a report on that instead.

Abby- yes, I can happily confirm that, even in this multi-channel age, we are still turning our tellies over 'to see what is on the other side'- even though the invention of ITV before we were both born should have made the expression obsolete. And as for life stories, they are like buses- there hasn't been one for a while, so very soon there will quite possibly be three at once- just as soon as I can decide what to write them about....


Sissy! The BB woman. Yes. We knew her before she Went on The Telly - or at least we knew people who knew her - so when BB started there was much excited pointing and exclamations of "We know her! Well, sort of..."

I keep seeing her down the Horseshoe at the pub quiz on Thursday nights. Watch out for a crowd of drunken mad people. They're my mates. Oh hang on, that describes pretty much everyone there...


That's mad as in in-and-out-of-mental-hospital btw. Not mad as in "My mates are mad, they are. They get really pissed and they're really maaaaad".

I'm not helping, am I? I'll shut up now.

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