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July 14, 2004



Eeeeeeee, Jonathan, this is bleeding great stuff. I hope you will soon have time to tell your life story as:

- steam irons and their sartorial benefits

- national express coach journeys (and the Clipper too, when they used to have them lasses who sold stotties)

- things hurled by next door neighbours

That's all I can think of for now like but I'll be checking back to read more of your fine prose as soon as I have found myself a job.


I'm laughung out loud as i read this sorry tale of tellies. Hilarious !!


Hello there! I have just been telling the story of Pie Club, as per your recent suggestion (see most recent post...)

Abby- I am sure some of our Newcastle neighbours will have thrown stottie cakes at each other on countless occasions. possibly even while travelling on the Clipper (you know who I am talking about...) Meanwhile here in Manchester I have neighbours who write threatening notes to each other on Post-it notes which they then attach to each other's front doors- but that story may be libellious, and also gives a bad name to our beloved Post-it Notes (although I have to say the threats perfomed very well, retaining their sticky- but not-too-stickiness under challenging mid-winter conditions, and detaching themselves just seconds before the arrival of the constabulary). Good luck with the job thing now you are back!- and by the way I have put on a link on Crinklybee to the magnificent Bonkworld, now that it appears to be working again...

Oh what a long comment (and on my own website as well, this is probably a breach of some kind of unspoken etiquette). So I wil be off.

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