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(Note: this 'about me' bit originally written way back at the start of everything.. edited, added to and generally messed about with January 2006. Damn I have trouble with these 'About Me' things...)

I am Jonathan, a 30-something year old Geordie who has lived in Manchester for 12 years but still cannot get used to the rain, or the way you keep seeing people from Coronation Street in Disdbury Tescos. I am married to Charlotte and have one baby boy named Frank who among his few posessions counts a bee with crinkly wings which I named my blog after for no good reason other than I liked the sound of it.

What else? Well, when not writing this blog I work in a town centre office answering telephones, or at least one telephone which rings quite a lot. I also write for The Mag, which is the independent magazine of my beloved Newcastle United FC.

There is some football on here but if that's not your bag then have a look around cos there is plenty of other nonsense... some of my best posts are collected in the occasionally-updated 'Best of' section (you have to scroll down the page to get to the actual stories, mind, due to a technical hitch). The top one in the 'best of'- 37 ages of Jonathan- is my life story told very quickly, so may be as good a place as any to start.

But really you know, start wherever you like and make yourself at home. I'll just be in the back here putting the kettle on. Two sugars was it, you said? OK.